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Quick update for everyone, I”ll be back with much more very soon as well.

First up, this is just adorable, so if you’re having a bad day, prepare for it to turn around:

Stunning art made from plastic water bottles, you can see more pics here.

Also from Copyranter, an awesome ad for seatbelts and an incredible series for Child Abuse Awareness. ¬†He also has a cool ad buy for an S&M shop, but no one in Pittsburgh would have seen these, you don’t hit the bottom of the ketchup bottle, you smack the ’57’ near the neck with the heel of your hand.

¬†I never even thought of this, but of course, it’s amazing:

Slog has a great post, “Band Names that double as ways I would want to die.” ¬†My favorite: Trampled by Turtles.

This chart is made from data collected this May (2012).  Sigh.

And finally from Nerdist and PBS, a primer on 8-bit art:

That’s it for now, be back soon!


Couple things for you today.  First up, this amazing rendition of Dog Days are Over by Florence +The Machine:

BuzzFeed points us towards an artist who has created indoor clouds!

And finally, an answer to the question, what came first, the chicken or the egg.

And finally, filmed from the ISS:

Let’s see what I’ve found today for you:

First up, this has been making the rounds, pretty amazing:

This just amazing. ¬†It’s a cookbook, that is printed on¬†lasagna¬†noodles, so you bake it after reading it. ¬†Pretty awesome!

From Copyranter, not at all what I expected, but I guess after reading “To Hair is Human”:

Also from Copyranter, the inevitable follow up from Etch-a-Sketch.

An interesting twist, a museum show, where the guests have to be naked (instead of the art being naked).  Head down to Australia if you want to see it.

I’m so excited to not have to drive by the way:

Microsoft has come up with a 3D desktop display, pretty cool looking.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with more!

Let’s see what we have today:

Maddow Blog has a follow up to a story about the lack of parades for vets coming home.  Aside from St. Louis (which was entirely citizen-funded), there has not been a parade for any returning troops.  But they can put together a parade in two days for Super Bowl champs.  Sad.

And speaking of the troops, an artist has done a project¬†entitled¬†“The impact of war on a young person’s face.” ¬†Interesting stuff.

Virginia Senator Howell is amazing.  When faced with a bill that now (I believe it passed) makes it mandatory for women seeking abortions to get ultrasounds, she proposed an amendment (which barely lost) requiring men to get a rectal exam and cardiac screening if they wanted to get a prescription for ED medication.

I’ve been meaning to post this before, looks pretty awesome:

Here’s an update to the wall outlet I posted about last week. ¬†These are more flush with the wall, and this time, diagrams on how to wire it!

Interested in SOPA/PIPA and what kicked it all off?  Information is Beautiful took a look at the actual numbers, and they are a bit surprising, check it out.

I know some people are excited about this, but honestly, I don’t think they will end up being very good. ¬†Hopefully I’m proved wrong, but either way, DC is moving forward with the Watchmen prequel series.

Scientists are working towards making your internal monologue being able to be broadcast.  While this will of course help medical technology a lot (think of those in comas, the deaf and those with developmental disabilities), but holy crap, that would be awful if my inner monologue was public.  Then again, maybe the people who annoyed me would leave me alone finally.

JCPenny is redesigning all their stores. ¬†Interesting to see, especially since my local store is moving from one of the mall to the other, so it’s good timing for them at least.

Remember how Republicans love to campaign against voter fraud, the boogeyman that is not really a problem according to all studies, but it’s a good way to push through legislation that¬†disenfranchises¬†those who tend to vote democratic. ¬†But as it turns out, the latest verified case of voter fraud was by a Republican Secretary of State (of Indiana). ¬†Oh the irony.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, lots of videos this time around too:

First up, 10 misconceptions:

Awesome new shirt from Pittsburgh tees.  Check it out.

This is pretty awesome, there are giant roots installed at historic sites in Mexico as a giant art project.  Pretty cool.

Awesome cover of Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain, and I think I may like this better than the original:

An insulting law (the same type was ruled unconstitutional by the courts in Florida) was taken back, after another lawmaker decided to make it more fair.  The law would require anyone applying for public assistance submit to a drug test, and the other lawmaker added a provision making lawmakers submit to the same test.  Florida struck it down, since it violates the idea of  unlawful search and seizure, but before that happened, through the testing, it was learned that only 2% of those applying for aid in Florida were drug users, compared to 10% of the general Florida population.

Star Wars Uncut was finally released!  People from around the world were asked to submit 15 second clips, and the whole movie was pieced together:

And finally, check out this awesome experiment used with Google image search.

I’ll be back soon with more, have a great one!

I’m waiting for Dropbox on my work computer to download about 1,000 more pictures, so while that goes, I figured I’d pop over here and do a quick entry, hope you enjoy!

First up, some music:

Here’s a cool article in The Stranger about a Lebanese artist, defying the government to create his art.

Sadly, it looks like SOPA will rear it’s ugly head again in February, politicians and the MPAA hoping enough people will have forgotten by then.

A creative entry into the Shit [blank] Says meme:

Awesome art project that is being installed down route 75 here’s a favorite:


That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon!

An art installation “sees” you walking down the street, scans your face, and pulls up what may be your Facebook and Twitter feeds, photos and even talks to you in what it thinks your voice will sound like.¬† All of this from information we freely put online.

Check out the Slog piece here.

Quick update for everyone.¬† First up, the Last Supper…from Star Wars nerds?

I’m taking away points for not having blue milk on the table.

And speaking of Star Wars, watch this awesome VW commercial:

Morgan Spurlock is trying to reimagine Times Square with no ads.¬† But really, it’s a lot of work.¬† But I imagine some of the touched up images will become ads themselves with creative use of the textures.

I am, also really excited about this game:

And speaking of awesome video games, I am so incredibly excited that this is coming out in five days (I had no idea!):

You Don’t Know Jack – Game Trailer from You Don't Know Jack on Vimeo.¬†


Google has a new project that uses a Street View type interface, but instead, goes through art galleries.¬† I’ll be checking it out later.

First he didn’t understand how the tides work, now he’s confused about the moon.¬† More proof (like we needed any) that Bill O’Reilly is a fucking retard.¬† And I use that phrase out of respect to Stephen Corbert’s wishes.¬† One of the people in the comments hit it spot on though:

The difference between O’Reilley and a scientist is, the scientist says, “I don’t know, let’s find out.” and O’Reilley says, “I don’t know, therefore God must have done it.”

Interesting article showing how meditation may change your brain.

And finally, don’t forget, Black and Yellow also applies to the Pens (when I find it, I’ll be posting the awesome goalie fight from last night):


Hello there everybody, another clearinghouse type article here for you, so enjoy the wonderousness that the Internet has to offer:

This apartment must have been so, freaking expensive:

Craigmod takes a look at the current state of eReaders and how we need to move forward.  I really like the idea of collaboration between eReader and their documents.

This was passed around before, and I can’t embed it, but check out how these athletes entertained the crowd during a rain delay at a baseball game.

Looking for Halloween costumes?  Or just a little something for your alter ego?  Look no further than the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Discover more animation and arts videos.

I saw this last year, but forgot to post it.  How cool is it that the White House now has a Seder?

This is being billed as London’s Eiffel Tower.¬† I don’t see it.¬† At all.¬† It’s being built for the 2012 London Olympic Games, which more and more, a looking like a disaster (see: the ugly logo):

Would you like to see stories from The Bible acted out by Legos?¬† Really, who wouldn’t?¬† Check it out here.

T-shirt war:

I kind of love this Lost alarm clock!  However, I think it would get really annoying every morning.  Also, it only takes batteries, no plug, which is just strange.

Scientists can use giant magnets to make humans ‘less moral.’ So if someone comes up to you and asks for a shady favor, while holding giant magnets near your ears, just say no!

This is a little sad and a little frightening.  Watch out Stephen Colbert:

I’m fairly certain this is better than any lawn gnome ever.

With the recent relaunch of ChatRoulette, here’s an interview with its creator, a 17 year old Russian boy.

This is pretty awesome, a self-sufficient waterfall that creates energy and works as an observation tower for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.¬† London take note, Brazil is doing it better (but I still won’t go there because of the tornadoes of fire):

IGN has an awesome article refuting the claim that video games can’t be art.¬† I generally like Ebert and love reading his writing, but this is one thing he’s wrong about.¬† Make sure to check it out.

Just remember kids, cleavage is wrong.  Especially when it is on a puppet.

Want to hack the internet a little bit to get more traffic to your site?  Try this linkbait generator.  Currently it reads for me: 8 ways Star Trek can save your life in a Plane Crash

Here’s a fun link to sports team’s logos from Middle Earth, I’m partial to this one:

Mennonno sapiens has a great article about the Tea Party.  Check it out if you have a minute.

And we’ve found the primordial ooze.¬† Cool:

May I introduce you to Butch Bakery.  Kind of awesome.

Or maybe you need to create your own warning sign.  Do it here

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more.¬† Have a great one everybody!

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