Today's Mighty Oak

And I’m praying that zombies don’t eat your face at 8:00am. UPDATE: You’re welcome.

Quick update for everyone, lots of videos this time around too:

First up, 10 misconceptions:

Awesome new shirt from Pittsburgh tees.  Check it out.

This is pretty awesome, there are giant roots installed at historic sites in Mexico as a giant art project.  Pretty cool.

Awesome cover of Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain, and I think I may like this better than the original:

An insulting law (the same type was ruled unconstitutional by the courts in Florida) was taken back, after another lawmaker decided to make it more fair.  The law would require anyone applying for public assistance submit to a drug test, and the other lawmaker added a provision making lawmakers submit to the same test.  Florida struck it down, since it violates the idea of  unlawful search and seizure, but before that happened, through the testing, it was learned that only 2% of those applying for aid in Florida were drug users, compared to 10% of the general Florida population.

Star Wars Uncut was finally released!  People from around the world were asked to submit 15 second clips, and the whole movie was pieced together:

And finally, check out this awesome experiment used with Google image search.

I’ll be back soon with more, have a great one!

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