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Alright, let’s see what we have today.

First up, in horrific news: bacon shortage.

This is just awesome:

One of Mitt Romney’s sons is mean.  Just saying.

And the awesome Mitt Romney/Lucille Bluth mashups, a favorite:

This will totally be my brother and his wife’s child (if and when they have kids, as far as I know, not in the works):

It’s funny, because now Gov. Walker wants unions….:

This is pretty amazing, How I Met Your Mother in under a minute:

Amtrak is testing 165 mph trains!

Scott Brown’s staff made a really racist video about Elizabeth Warren.  She hits back:

And finally (a lot of video today), remember Shit ___ says?  The creators talk:

That’s it for now, have a great one!


Update for everyone, let’s see what we have.

First up, this was actually posted by The Drunk Yinzer:

In a cocktail moment from Maddow: Bacon!

A fun parody of It Gets Better:

How cool is this, Obama read “Where the Wild Things Are” at the annual Easter Egg roll.  Although I love his faces, I’m going to have to say Christopher Walken was better (since there is audio of that).

And from Better Book Titles:

The fun thing is that both Better Book Titles and Sword and Laser are reading this as their book club pick.  It’s an amazing book, you really should read it!

Hug a Coke machine and get a free drink:

A new, promising type of treatment for cancer is being developed in the UK.

You shouldn’t drive and text, nor should you walk and text:

So true:

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon!

Quick second update for everyone, let’s see what we have.

First up, two quick updates to my first valentine’s post.  If you really love someone give them roses.  Made of bacon:

Or of course, there is this Zombie valentine.  I love it!

This is floating around, and I love it. There are a couple things I would have added, and a bit of the editing is weird towards the end, but I love it:

The ongoing debate over women’s reproductive health is abhorrent.  A snipped I found from Maddow:

The Bishops’ position, which the Republicans have now adopted as their own, is that religious leaders have the right to override that decision, even though it will affect employees who have no moral or religious qualms about birth control. Writing in Newsweek, Andrew Sullivan captured the Bishops’ thinking perfectly: “Catholic doctrine should, according to the bishops’ spokesman, also apply to non-Catholics.” […]

[T]he principle seems pretty clear to me. The Bishops want a veto over public policy. And the Republicans want to give it to them.

Go read the whole thing here, and check out a cool post at Slog about the crazies that are ruining the Republican Party (and yes, I do wish that there was actually a rational conservative party.  In order to find the best solutions to our problems, we need to have good, actual debate, and we need ideas from all parts of the spectrum.  However, the reactionary Republicans that have taken over the conservative side of the spectrum are preventing that rational discussion).

And to cleanse the palate, the trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

Another update for everyone, here we go.

First up, take a look at the 2011 year in movies:

If you are inclined, take a look at the top 50 memes of 2011.

Ever wanted to ride a swing while riding a subway?  Of course you have, check out the video here.

I’m unable to embed it, but we finally have a trailer for Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods (lots of Dollhouse alums).  Watch it here.

Funny or Die puts together D&D Character sheets for the Presidential Candidates.  Awesome, in such a nerdy way.

I missed it before, but…Oh little town of Baconham:


The band Hanson is going to be brewing a beer called Mmmmhop.  Awesome, but I don’t like IPAs, so I’ll be passing.

Pizza hut wins.  Total win.

Staples is going to be selling Dunder Mifflin paper, pretty awesome.

This is scary, take a look inside Amazon distribution centers and warehouses.

Graphic Novel giants take on each other in a fight about Occupy.

The top images of 2011. And 11 anachronistic photos from movie sets.

And finally, something that I thought i heard something about it before, but now it’s coming to market: condoms with a Viagara type gel inside.  No reason to not be safe!

Bigger update for everyone, hope you enjoy.

First up, please don’t die:


A really good ad, it even made copyranter tear up a bit:

Check out the Earthscraper, an underground skyscraper.  On a related note, I’ve been playing SimTower, I forgot how much I love that game!

In case you didn’t see it before, Joey quits:

This comes from Hazeltown, Pa.  People disgust me.  And why did the editors think this was okay to run?


Apparently, there is a correlation (not a cause) between the number of Facebook friends you have and the size of parts of your brain.  Strange.

Amazing video for cover-up, featuring zombie-boy from the Born This Way video:

Here’s the “list of demands” for the Zelda Symphony Orchestra concerts, it’s funny.

Just a quick comparison for you:


And check out the Brewed on Grant response to Occupy Pittsburgh, it’s fantastic.

Do you knit?  Penguins need your help!

Need a hat?  And a beard?  Check it out:

A couple more things coming later, have a great one!

First up, a couple social media updates.  First, the person responsible for the Red Cross’ twitter feed tweeted under that account, when he thought it was his personal account.  The result actually was a ton of people pledged to donate blood with some help from Dog Fish Beer.  Pretty cool to read about how a company dealt well with a faux pas.

And to follow up, Slog links to two maps: one here, the other here, to help you track the revolutions of the Middle East.

And here is the counter-argument about Twitter specifically not toppling governments:

I can’t tell if this is real or not, but this could only happen via the Internet:

Here is a great list of awesome flyers.  One of my favorites:

We went out last night for a friend’s birthday, and what has become somewhat of a tradition, there was a lot of Bacon on Dana’s fries.  So in honor of that, I give you this amazing chart.

Take a look at this, it’s really cool to watch.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an older version of this as a TED talk, but this is way cooler:

Have you played Angry Birds?  If so, check out the letters home from the Pigs, really funny!

And this is just cool, check it out:

BuzzFeed has an amazing infographic about Girl Scout Cookies that is just giant, so go check it out.  Also, I really miss the Lemon Coolers, they were great!

Okay, one more video:

Nah, I lied, here’s a new original from Funny or Die, the premise basically started in PA:

Daily Kos has an interesting article about Republicans and reproductive health

Okay, that’s it for now, but I’ll be back later with more, have a great one!

Hey everybody, couple big updates on the way, starting with this one.  I’m going through a whole bunch of stuff, so some will be a bit old, but all still really cool!  Hope you enjoy!

Did you know that you can use bacon to track the economy?  Yeah, we might use bacon for too much at this point.

Are you concerned about genetically modified food?  You shouldn’t be, we have blenders that will hep us test them!  Slate explains.

Oh my god.  Double windmill.  What does it mean?

Sorry, had to be posted.

Want to make your own laundry detergent really cheap?  Here’s a recipe.  I’ve heard good things about this, but have yet to try it.

I’ve always says that the internet can (and usually is) a force for good.  And 4chan proves me right once again:

This is old news, but good nonetheless, now it’s legal to “jailbreak” your phone.  You know, the one that you own!

Once tablets get more and more popular, we’ll see this more often, which I’m sure would make it easier to keep menus updated, as well as save a lot of paper:

Need a primer on the whole Glen Beck is trying to swindle his viewers out of money out of greed and stupidity?  Check it out here.

Pittsburgh City Paper has a cool list of historic dates at the Civic Arena.  Check it out here.  And follow it up by a collection of stories from the Igloo, all very touching.  And they round out the hat trick with another nice piece, this one the history of the building from the start.

I have not watched all of this yet, but it’s the history of the Soviet Union, as told through Tetris:

I think I might have posted about this before, but I would change the title to “Going to Church: You’re doin’ it right

I haven’t talked much about the mosque controversy in NYC, but I’ll chime in with these comments.  That is all.

Want to get away?  Teleport somewhere using Google Maps!  Pretty cool!

Check these out, there are ten total, and I like this one a lot:

You want to see Star Wars as a silent movie?  Okay, here you go:

Uploaded by LesSingesHurlants. – Arts and animation videos.

Anne Rice isn’t a Christian anymore!  I guess I would care if I ever read any of her stuff.  But her reasoning is sound I suppose, but I would always say find a church that fits you.  They’re out there.

I finally got the tote bag I was waiting for (I saw them, but they weren’t for sale yet), and it is a Leave No Trace bag (how fitting).  Here’s a fun mockumentary about why plastic bags aren’t exactly great for us:

This police log is pretty awesome:

Overdressed for the occasion, a man who not only lacked the mandatory skanky hoodie but was all spiffed up in a white dress shirt and slacks made an extremely literal beer run at an Alliance Road stop ’n’ rob. That is, he snabbed an 18-pack of The King of Bland Beers and scurried out the door.

But then we find that sometimes they are written as limericks!

A car parked ’twixt striping of blue
Had nothing whatever to do
With handicapped access
Cops thought what it lacks is
A ticket, and also a clue.

That’s it for now, but I’ll try to be back later in the week with some more.  Have a great one!

Couple quick things for everyone.

First off, check out The Old Spice Guy helping someone propose:

Have you seen the periodic table of meat?  Bacon rightfully is in the first position, being a Noble Meat:

I really don’t have anything to add to the title of this post, except of course a couple of expletives.  So, I’ll just say, Stay Classy, Catholic Church.

Speaking of The Catholic Church, for anyone following the Fr. Mark Gruber case, he is now suing.

And don’t forget, if you live in California, to vote to protect traditional marriage:

Just remember:

That’s it for now, catch everyone later!

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