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Hey everybody, couple big updates on the way, starting with this one.  I’m going through a whole bunch of stuff, so some will be a bit old, but all still really cool!  Hope you enjoy!

Did you know that you can use bacon to track the economy?  Yeah, we might use bacon for too much at this point.

Are you concerned about genetically modified food?  You shouldn’t be, we have blenders that will hep us test them!  Slate explains.

Oh my god.  Double windmill.  What does it mean?

Sorry, had to be posted.

Want to make your own laundry detergent really cheap?  Here’s a recipe.  I’ve heard good things about this, but have yet to try it.

I’ve always says that the internet can (and usually is) a force for good.  And 4chan proves me right once again:

This is old news, but good nonetheless, now it’s legal to “jailbreak” your phone.  You know, the one that you own!

Once tablets get more and more popular, we’ll see this more often, which I’m sure would make it easier to keep menus updated, as well as save a lot of paper:

Need a primer on the whole Glen Beck is trying to swindle his viewers out of money out of greed and stupidity?  Check it out here.

Pittsburgh City Paper has a cool list of historic dates at the Civic Arena.  Check it out here.  And follow it up by a collection of stories from the Igloo, all very touching.  And they round out the hat trick with another nice piece, this one the history of the building from the start.

I have not watched all of this yet, but it’s the history of the Soviet Union, as told through Tetris:

I think I might have posted about this before, but I would change the title to “Going to Church: You’re doin’ it right

I haven’t talked much about the mosque controversy in NYC, but I’ll chime in with these comments.  That is all.

Want to get away?  Teleport somewhere using Google Maps!  Pretty cool!

Check these out, there are ten total, and I like this one a lot:

You want to see Star Wars as a silent movie?  Okay, here you go:

Uploaded by LesSingesHurlants. – Arts and animation videos.

Anne Rice isn’t a Christian anymore!  I guess I would care if I ever read any of her stuff.  But her reasoning is sound I suppose, but I would always say find a church that fits you.  They’re out there.

I finally got the tote bag I was waiting for (I saw them, but they weren’t for sale yet), and it is a Leave No Trace bag (how fitting).  Here’s a fun mockumentary about why plastic bags aren’t exactly great for us:

This police log is pretty awesome:

Overdressed for the occasion, a man who not only lacked the mandatory skanky hoodie but was all spiffed up in a white dress shirt and slacks made an extremely literal beer run at an Alliance Road stop ’n’ rob. That is, he snabbed an 18-pack of The King of Bland Beers and scurried out the door.

But then we find that sometimes they are written as limericks!

A car parked ’twixt striping of blue
Had nothing whatever to do
With handicapped access
Cops thought what it lacks is
A ticket, and also a clue.

That’s it for now, but I’ll try to be back later in the week with some more.  Have a great one!

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