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Alright, let’s see what we have today. First up, for the love of all things, vote blue (up and down the ticket):

Skydivers put on an amazing show with some pyro effects!

A new coffin that helps to turn you into compost is becoming available! A cool addition for green burials!

The trailer for WandaVision looks amazing and I can’t wait! Anything with Katherine Hahn is going to be great:

Also in trailers, we’re getting close to the new season of The Mandalorian! This is the way.

Have you played the amazing web-based game, Blaseball? Check it out (And root for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, obviously).

Myst is being remastered from the ground up and released for both computers and VR setups, and it looks (and sounds) gorgeous:

I think that’s it for me today, but I’ll be back soon with more, have a great one!

I hope everyone is enjoying their post-Thanksgiving turkey comas.¬† Let’s see what we have today.¬† First up, an insane 360-degree water slide.

I’m sure you voted in this last election, and if you live in Allegheny County, you can check out amazing statistics about how everything went (you can drill down to you voting district)

And speaking of voting, need help getting people registered for the so, so important 2018 election?  Indivisible has you covered.

And lastly in politics, this amazing song from Randy Rainbow:

The Player’s Tribune has an awesome article up about the crime of running the Boston Marathon while female.

I’ve talked about it before, but an amazing article from The Good Men Project about straight people trying to make things like National Coming Out Day about themselves, and how hurtful it really is.

And lastly, I just finished it, but here is the trailer for Season 2 of Lady Dynamite.  Maria Bamford is one of my favorite comedians, but she is a very acquired taste:

That’s it for today, I’ll be back with more soon as November wraps up, have a great one!

Alright, another update today, a lot of videos, but let’s see what all we have.

First up, make your own Twinkies (or go to Canada, you know, either one):

Sweet burn from JCPenny:

Mika’s new single (Stardust is better, but this is good):

She didn’t win, but the best campaign slogan ever:

To get into the Christmas spirit:

This is so true:

And finally, the movies of 2012:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, lots more to post today, and I’ll be back with more as I finish catching up with everything from November, but let’s see what I have.

First up, the 2012 election in one photo

Fun and snarky (and not real by the way):

So this exists. ¬†Read the reviews, it’s worth it.

Fun ad for Durex.  Well done, and strange to watch in slow motion.

The most memorable AR campaigns of the last year.

The trailer for Decay, when the Higgs Boson creates Zombies:

See, it’s not just me talking about fonts. ¬†Don’t use these ones. ¬†Please.

Have you been following along the “adventures” of John McAffe? ¬†Seriously, it’s all kinds of crazy.

I can’t wait to try this out:

A roundup of some of the best Tumblrs of the year.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back again soon. ¬†Have a great one!

I’m taking a quick break from noveling, so let’s see what we have today:

Dutch scientists have come up with self-healing concrete, pretty awesome!

Puerto Rico voted to become a state!  Sounds good to me, although Congress has to approve it and if that goes through, there is a process to statehood.  I think it would be fascinating to watch that happen, although we then have to reapportion House seats and figure out a new pattern for the flag.  But still, exciting!

So I guess the thing is for Republicans to move to Australia (remember, Canada got the French, Australia got the convicts and America got the Puritans), but as a reminder:

Washington State approved marriage equality, and in a cool move, the money from the new licenses goes to a charity that helps LGBT youth.  Great idea!

There were so many wins in the election for the progressive side (Obama, 3 marriage equality wins, defeating 1 marriage¬†amendment, Grayson winning his seat back, Baldwin, Warren, King, CO and WA approving marijuana, gains in the Senate, gains in the House, I think, Casey, Murdoch losing, Akin losing, and honestly even more). ¬†Check out the Good Men Project’s list. ¬†Michelle Bachmann won, but if that’s the only negative I can find, I’ll take it.

Here’s what I’ve been saying for years. ¬†We need both sides of the political spectrum to find the best solutions to our problems. ¬†We need that dialogue. ¬†And I’m hopeful that this election’s loss will bring the conservative side back towards the middle so we can have that dialogue. ¬†Rachel Maddow sums it up perfectly. ¬†Please watch this clip (the relevant part starts at 14:07, but the whole thing is good). ¬†Memorize it and force our¬†politicians¬†to have that dialogue between the two parties: we want everyone to win.

And another meme from the vote:

BuzzFeed shares idiotic comments from clients to creative professionals.  So sad that people say things like this.

Here is the anti-Starbucks menu:

That’s it for now, I’ll be back again soon, but have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I have for you today:

First up, just a reminder for everyone:


I could go on, but let’s remember, if God is more concerned with a football game than starving children, people dying of disease, natural disasters, etc, I would rather find a new religion, God wouldn’t deserve me.¬† Thankfully though, that’s not the case.

Need a primer on how primary elections work?  I did:

If you need a good laugh, and cry, check out Clients From Hell.¬† It’s bad.¬† And so, so true.

This is one of my favorite bits from stand up ever.¬† It’s from Patton Oswalt’s new special, and is amazing:

Pensblog covers why the Pens have been on a four-game slump: the Elmo Balloon died.

Over on his blog, Lev Grossman has a fan-created image of when Alice first saw Brakebills.  This is amazing:


That’s it for now, have a great one!

Couple things for everyone, first up, happy day after the Rapture!

You’ve probably seen this already, but really, Santorum, what the crap?!¬† You honestly think McCain doesn’t understand torture?¬† My mind seriously can’t wrap itself around the stupidity of Santorum‘s thoughts.

And speaking of politics, here’s the official GOP bracket:

So, there are apparently porn parodies of everything.  However, one nerd took all the sex out, and it turns out Star Trek: The Next Generation porn is actually a pretty good episode.

Slog has an article up about MakerBot, the 3D home printer.¬† I just watched a podcast about this too, I can’t wait until this becomes cheaper and the technology advances.

Fun video:

Scientists may have found a new planet we can live on!  Awesome.

Points to Ginny for cracking the code as to why Pittsburgher’s brake unnecessarily:

BRAKE! Look! A tow truck. Let’s slow down in case a dozen children jump out of the truck and run into the road. It could happen.

That’s all I have for now, catch everyone later!

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