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Rome wasn’t built in a day…it took about a week

Couple things for everyone, first up, happy day after the Rapture!

You’ve probably seen this already, but really, Santorum, what the crap?!  You honestly think McCain doesn’t understand torture?  My mind seriously can’t wrap itself around the stupidity of Santorum‘s thoughts.

And speaking of politics, here’s the official GOP bracket:

So, there are apparently porn parodies of everything.  However, one nerd took all the sex out, and it turns out Star Trek: The Next Generation porn is actually a pretty good episode.

Slog has an article up about MakerBot, the 3D home printer.  I just watched a podcast about this too, I can’t wait until this becomes cheaper and the technology advances.

Fun video:

Scientists may have found a new planet we can live on!  Awesome.

Points to Ginny for cracking the code as to why Pittsburgher’s brake unnecessarily:

BRAKE! Look! A tow truck. Let’s slow down in case a dozen children jump out of the truck and run into the road. It could happen.

That’s all I have for now, catch everyone later!

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