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Alright, more fun things to share today! First up, the teaser for the limited Obi-Wan Kenobi series:

I love xkcd, but particularly enjoyed this comic of theirs.

I’m behind on my MCU watching (specifically the movies), but I’ll need to get caught up, this looks amazing:

Roe is very seemingly about to be turned over (and in effect, already is). Obegerfell and any kind of equal-rights are next up in the far-right’s crosshairs. SCOTUS is taking up a case to overturn non-discrimination laws.

The trailer for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is pretty:

Texas Governor Abbott is cruel. (And thankfully his anti-trans policy has been, at least temporarily, halted) Chuck Tingle, famed writer, is a hero, who just so happened to purchase

Alright, let’s see what we have today.¬† First up, in case you forgot, the TEA party didn’t actually care about deficits.¬† They were just racists.

Also, Debra Messing is not messing around.  Good for her, a fuck Susan Sarandon.

Brett Kavanaugh, who is incredibly anti-gay, won’t say on the record his opinions about same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination laws.¬† But his court writings reveal he’s as far, if not further right, than Scalia.

In that vein, 16 states are petitioning the US government to let them fire workers for being gay, after that executive order was struck down.

The Russo Brothers put out an awesome video that goes over all the deaths in the MCU:

Kipchoge broke the World Record in the Berlin Marathon this morning.  Dumb Runner, always spots on, weighs in.

I wrote a while back, at least I think I did, about the article ‘the epidemic of gay loneliness,’ and a recent Savage Love column looks at that as well, a good read for everybody.

In case you need some positive news, a heartwarming letter from a gay man’s little brother went viral.

Okay, that’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon!

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, an awesome parody of the Cheerio’s ad:

If you didn’t see the news from E3, here is the trailer for the next Smash Bros game, which will include Mega Man!

So, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who helped to write the immigration reform currently working its way through Congress, will vote against it if it includes protections for the LGBT community. ¬†And in case that didn’t convince you he’s a total asshat, he also thinks people should be able to be fired based on their sexual orientation.

And Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks that we should be able to discriminate against non-Christians. ¬†Because Christians are a harassed minority, or something like that. ¬†Read Goldy’s piece, it’s well written.

I’ll have a longer post up soon, but Pittsburgh Pride was this weekend. ¬†This is not from Pittsburgh, but a great sign nonetheless. ¬†And it is great because the only way to respond to hatred sometimes is with childish humor:

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, Run For Your Lives is coming up. ¬†I did it last year as a zombie and it’s a great time, if you want to join me as a zombie (or meet up afterwards at the party), let me know:

Jimmy Carter has a great essay about equality.

Robyn Miller talked about Myst at this year’s GDC. ¬†A good friend was at the talk and sent me notes right after it ended and I am forever jealous. ¬†Forever.

I saw this on Facebook, and giggled. ¬†You know, since I’m five:

So far, I’ve been as impressed as I can be with the new Pope. ¬†He’s even reached out specifically to the Church of England, and it rumored that he will be the honorary chair of the 2018 Lambeth Conference (although honestly, those are contentious enough as it is, it may cause a lot of added drama). ¬†Guess we’ll have to see what the new Archbishop of Canturbery will do as well.

The man who is Virginia’s attorney general, and running for Governor, is arguing that sodomy should remain illegal in their state. ¬†And just so you know, even though anti-sodomy laws have been struck down by the Supreme Court because they were only used to invade the privacy and prosecute the LGBT community, it technically is any non procreative sex. ¬†Strangely, he won’t answer any questions about his own sex life when asked, you know, just to see if he’s complying with the laws he’s fighting to keep on the books.

And lastly, awesome video showcasing music from the Legend of Zelda:

Okay, big update for everyone, so here we go.

First up, this comes from Slog, and is fantastic:

Two weeks ago in his column, Dan Savage eviscerates Maggie Gallagher.¬† It’s wonderful to read, check it out.

Video Games will now have their own category in the Grammy’s!¬† Thank goodness.¬† Baba Yetu won last year for best instrumental (I linked to it before, and it deserves it, it is such a good song, especially the duet version).

Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, is back!¬† And now she’s addressing the masses:

Catholic Vandals in France destroyed “Piss Christ.” I’m not familiar with the work, but apparently it’s quite famous.¬† They assaulted a guard and attacked the photo with an ice pick, which just sounds viscous.¬† It always makes me sad to see art destroyed.

A few months ago, Gawker redesigned their family of sites, and they are horrible to try to navigate now.¬† Here’s a graph of their traffic, can you guess when the redesign went live:

It’s nice to see the Democrats actually go on the offensive for once, and the ad is a lot of fun (if not sad):

Also in politics, remember the phrase that those who protest the loudest against [insert any cause] are usually actually personally involved in [cause].¬† See: Larry Craig, et al.¬† Well, the Tea Party member of the state congress of Montana who tried to removed all equality for LGBT citizens?¬† Yeah, she’s a lesbian.¬† When will politicians learn that this pattern is clear?

Want to see something fun and cute?¬† Check out Cute Roulette.¬† It’s like Chat Roulette, but with (presumably) no penises, just lots of baby animals!

You’ll have to excuse me while I laugh.¬† Considering he is the man who after a rant of anti-Semitic slurs called a cop “Sugar Tits,” Mel Gibson has the gall to say he has never treated anyone badly, and certainly not for their religion or gender!

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everybody!¬† And since he was a proponent of civil rights, I’ll start with a link from the LA Times about the Prop 8 trial:

Many opponents of same-sex marriage argue that it violates God’s will. Maybe theirs. My God doesn’t fret about homosexuality. And I figure if gays and lesbians can gain some comfort and happiness from formal marriage, then let them. Congratulations and good luck.

Andrew Sullivan jumps in with statistics about divorce, and, brilliant as always, the Onion jumps into the fray as well.

I think Parkour is really graceful and beautiful to watch, this video puts it in flip book form, which just blow my mind:

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Nevada just registered the first male prostitute after a change in the laws allowed it to happen.¬† Although, after reading the interview, he’s either stretching (he compared himself to Rosa Parks, yes, really) or just really dumb.¬† I can’t quite figure it out.¬† I started the link on the second page of the interview, which is where it starts to really get weird.

Here’s a cool spoof ad (complete with lots of swearing, so NSFW).¬† Although I really shoudln’t talk, if the iPhone was on Verizon, I’d get one (mostly for the ability to play Myst):

Slate takes a look at the new Domino’s ad, which I happen to like, probably a little bit more than Slate does.¬† Check it out here.

I’m a bit behind posting this, but if you haven’t seen it, enjoy:

It’s a little old news, but I didn’t post about it, and it still blow my mind, Slog put together a comprehensive list of the past administration (and Gulliani) trying to deny that 9/11 happened on their watch.¬† My brain huts a lot when I try to comprehend this kind of logic.

Here’s a cool video about the power of images (and graphic designers).¬† It reminds me a lot of the theory we discussed in my communication classes, if you’re interested in seeing more, check out

Speaking of technology and how it changes us, Patrick has a great article about how technology can bring strangers together.¬† A frightening situation, but an awesome use of the web.¬† Also, I may have linked to this one already, I can’t remember.

Here’s a new site I found, all about fonts.¬† I’m geeking out a little bit.

Alright, I think that’s it for now, have a great one!

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