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Yeah, and it’ll be funny when I hit you in the head with a crowbar

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everybody!  And since he was a proponent of civil rights, I’ll start with a link from the LA Times about the Prop 8 trial:

Many opponents of same-sex marriage argue that it violates God’s will. Maybe theirs. My God doesn’t fret about homosexuality. And I figure if gays and lesbians can gain some comfort and happiness from formal marriage, then let them. Congratulations and good luck.

Andrew Sullivan jumps in with statistics about divorce, and, brilliant as always, the Onion jumps into the fray as well.

I think Parkour is really graceful and beautiful to watch, this video puts it in flip book form, which just blow my mind:

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Nevada just registered the first male prostitute after a change in the laws allowed it to happen.  Although, after reading the interview, he’s either stretching (he compared himself to Rosa Parks, yes, really) or just really dumb.  I can’t quite figure it out.  I started the link on the second page of the interview, which is where it starts to really get weird.

Here’s a cool spoof ad (complete with lots of swearing, so NSFW).  Although I really shoudln’t talk, if the iPhone was on Verizon, I’d get one (mostly for the ability to play Myst):

Slate takes a look at the new Domino’s ad, which I happen to like, probably a little bit more than Slate does.  Check it out here.

I’m a bit behind posting this, but if you haven’t seen it, enjoy:

It’s a little old news, but I didn’t post about it, and it still blow my mind, Slog put together a comprehensive list of the past administration (and Gulliani) trying to deny that 9/11 happened on their watch.  My brain huts a lot when I try to comprehend this kind of logic.

Here’s a cool video about the power of images (and graphic designers).  It reminds me a lot of the theory we discussed in my communication classes, if you’re interested in seeing more, check out

Speaking of technology and how it changes us, Patrick has a great article about how technology can bring strangers together.  A frightening situation, but an awesome use of the web.  Also, I may have linked to this one already, I can’t remember.

Here’s a new site I found, all about fonts.  I’m geeking out a little bit.

Alright, I think that’s it for now, have a great one!

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