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Going through a lot of old articles, but also mixing with some new, there’s a few random thoughts I’d like to bring up about Mayor Pete.

One thing that I think got lost as his candidacy went on, was his faith. He brought up the very good point that the left seems to shy away from ideas of faith, and CNN noted that, as an openly gay man, he was the most susceptible to attacks from the religious right, but was happy to spar in that arena.

At a CNN debate in July, Buttigieg blasted “so-called conservative Christian senators” for blocking a bill to raise the minimum wage “when Scripture says that whoever oppresses the poor taunts their maker.”

I appreciate that he sees Christianity as the liberal bastion is it, something that I hope can be better reclaimed.

Much, too much, has been written about Pete’s own sexuality. Writers and columnists have been upset that he’s not gay enough, or too gay. It all showed that there is not one way to be gay, but still, for the first major gay candidate, I suppose that was to be expected.

However, much like Obama had to tread a very, very fine line surrounding race, Pete had to do the same. And part of that spilled over into his entire being, and he often showed so much intellectualism that he seemed devoid of emotion. But policing his own words, especially to such an extreme, is something that gay men have extensive experience with.

We are used to carefully calibrating how much of a “flourish” we give off when we express ourselves. We’ve spent our lives learning, by necessity, to “master” our passions and channel them into action that feels safer than acting on them directly.

I think he easily fell into another gay trope, ‘the best little boy in the world,’ but again, that’s just one ‘way’ of being gay (or responding to the world forcing itself upon you, as a gay man).

One last thing I will mention, is that while I am so grateful that Bloomberg has pledged his money to support the nominee (as have all the dropped out front runners, I believe), Pete has just announced his new PAC, Win the Era, to specifically focus on down-ballot races.

Flipping the Senate and holding the House, as well as finding and supporting Millennial candidates, is vitally important work, and I’m glad to see it being a focus.

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I’d like to start off this blog post with this picture:

I kind of wish that that is what the protests during the G-20 were like.  Just sayin.

Slate has a great article about the artificial hymen, and how it is being banned in many countries.  My favorite line (also picked out by some friends of mine, because apparantly we have a hive mind of some sort…or are really that cool, I’m looking at you Katrina):

In this way, the artificial hymen serves as a useful test of religious idiocy. If a $30 item that leaks fake blood violates your faith so profoundly that you must ban it, then what you have isn’t really a faith. It’s a fetish. And your fetish won’t survive globalization.

And then after I thought I knew what computer I was going to get, this comes along, with twice the RAM as the other one I was looking at.  Also, when did Acer buy Gateway?  I feel as though I missed that.  Well, I know that I missed that.

Really smart people found out all kinds of stuff today, including more about Stonehenge and Saturn.  More rocks and more rings.

I think this is a really good idea, and quite honestly, am suprized that no one came up with this before.  I would love to do puppet shows on cold days!

I’ve never been able to really tell what was so good about high end TVs, maybe I just have low expectations.  Maybe I’m more convinced that what I have now is fine.  Maybe I’m a really bad graphic designer.  Eh, take your pick, I’m going back to my animal mittens!

I knew PopCap was really successful.  But I had no idea you could play their games inside World of Warcraft while waiting for party members or during loading/travel times.  Good God.  That’s like lacing crack with caffiene.  And wrapping it in chocolate covered bacon.  I would probably never leave Azeroth.  Ever.  The article doesn’t really talk about that, but does mention it, so I linked it.

Two really great, really snarky posts.  The first from Daily Kos, which I’ve linked to before, but never really read.  I might look into that.  And the second from Andrew Sullivan.  I’ll read Sullivan’s writing, but generally gravitate towards other writers for whatever reason.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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