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I smile because I have no idea what’s going on

I’d like to start off this blog post with this picture:

I kind of wish that that is what the protests during the G-20 were like.  Just sayin.

Slate has a great article about the artificial hymen, and how it is being banned in many countries.  My favorite line (also picked out by some friends of mine, because apparantly we have a hive mind of some sort…or are really that cool, I’m looking at you Katrina):

In this way, the artificial hymen serves as a useful test of religious idiocy. If a $30 item that leaks fake blood violates your faith so profoundly that you must ban it, then what you have isn’t really a faith. It’s a fetish. And your fetish won’t survive globalization.

And then after I thought I knew what computer I was going to get, this comes along, with twice the RAM as the other one I was looking at.  Also, when did Acer buy Gateway?  I feel as though I missed that.  Well, I know that I missed that.

Really smart people found out all kinds of stuff today, including more about Stonehenge and Saturn.  More rocks and more rings.

I think this is a really good idea, and quite honestly, am suprized that no one came up with this before.  I would love to do puppet shows on cold days!

I’ve never been able to really tell what was so good about high end TVs, maybe I just have low expectations.  Maybe I’m more convinced that what I have now is fine.  Maybe I’m a really bad graphic designer.  Eh, take your pick, I’m going back to my animal mittens!

I knew PopCap was really successful.  But I had no idea you could play their games inside World of Warcraft while waiting for party members or during loading/travel times.  Good God.  That’s like lacing crack with caffiene.  And wrapping it in chocolate covered bacon.  I would probably never leave Azeroth.  Ever.  The article doesn’t really talk about that, but does mention it, so I linked it.

Two really great, really snarky posts.  The first from Daily Kos, which I’ve linked to before, but never really read.  I might look into that.  And the second from Andrew Sullivan.  I’ll read Sullivan’s writing, but generally gravitate towards other writers for whatever reason.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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