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There’s new Firefly comics coming out!  This time, a new studio, Boom!, who did the Munchkin comics, will be publishing them.

I’ll be writing at length about the MasterpieceSCOTUS decision, but of course, a member of the South Dakota GOP has said that because of that case, businesses can discriminate based on race.

Students from Majory Stoneman Douglas performed a song from RENT at the Tony’s:

New research shows that anti-gay views correlate with lower intelligence.  Of course.

The trailer for the new Matt Groening’s new show.  It’s definitely the same art style as Futurama, and I’ll give it a chance.

Alright let’s see what we have today. First up, I’m really hoping I can figure out a way to go see this, but here is the first poster of NPH as Hedwig.

A huge chart of beer. Freaking huge.

Chris Christie, Governor of NJ, is a giant asshole.  He’s on the record stating that if one of his kids was gay, he would tell them they had no right to get married.  No, I take that back, he’s not an asshole, he’s a fucking monster.

A medal was struck to commemorate Pope Francis’s first year and it quotes Lesus. Yep, they misspelled Jesus.

In case you forgot, Pat Robertson is a raging, evil asshole.  And Ccn we all just agree that Pat Robertson is just really reaching for ratings at this point?

In case you missed it, Firefly is coming back as a comic!

My favorite Halloween costume:  

On Jupiter and Saturn, it rains diamonds.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Vogue UK, but if you put in the Konami code, you see a raptor.  Seriously.

This is such a tragic and sad story.  Get the Kleenex ready.

A new kind of horror movie:

Also in the spirit of Halloween, living with Jigsaw.

Jessica Chobot is coming back to the Internet, this time on The Nerdist!

A statistic that will shock no one with a brain: when funding for mental health goes down, suicides go up.

The big Disney songs from our childhood:

The headline is a bit ridiculous, but still not cool.  But of course, it’s Fox News, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I’ve never really trusted the ads using Google autocomplete, only because it’s so easy to manipulate, or even photoshop.  But the UN is doing a campaign to highlight LGBT issues.

That’s it for now, I’m not sure if the Youtube Videos are going to work, they’ve been a bit wonky lately (as has the whole site, actually).  They’ll be some big updates coming next year (when the new version of Joomla is released), so we’ll just stick it out until then.  Hopefully!

Alright, let’s see what we have today.  First up, the new trailer for Kick Ass 2 (NSFW):

A Firefly MMO has been announced, although it appears to be exclusively for mobile phones.  Will be interesting to see what it’s like, but it may be too late. 

A great ad campaign which uses national flags.  Very well done.

A mash-up I didn’t expect to see:

John Williams has come on board to score Star Wars: Episode VII.

What if the Internet was laid out like a galaxy?  Check it out here.

It has some strong language (deservedly so), but the best response yet to Orson Scott Card comes from Harvey Fierstein.

Can Richard Simmons stay still for 60 seconds?

The new trailer for the next Hunger Games movies is here.

I was never into the boy bands the first time around, but I kind of like this song, maybe it’s a weird reverse nostalgia thing:

Amazing “get well soon” wishes….to roadkill.

The best (or worse) drinking game ever?

Okay, one more video, this amazing thing happened:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone today.

First up, new punctuation that we need to add.

Sadly, this is not The Onion.

And how Joss Whedon broke our hears, in less than one season.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!

I think this is an amazing video, because I have such a strange sense of humor:

Announced last week, the Science Channel is going to do a 10th-anniversary Firefly special.  So excited!

AHAHAHAHA: Some evangelicals are trying to boycott Google due to their support for marriage equality.  Good luck with that:

And speaking of marriage equality, at our triannual general convention, the Episcopal Church approved a blessing of same-sex couples.  There’s a lot of caveats to that, I’ll be putting up a post at Metblogs about it, so look for that.

When will news anchors learn that Bill Nye is smarter than you.  She asked him with such snark, it was nice to see him smack her down:

And lastly, the Good Men Project has an awesome poster about words we probably use in our everyday conversation and why they hurt people.  Check it out here.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, which will be a whole lot of pictures, actually.  Another update with video will be coming later, probably tomorrow.

First off, WWNPHD?  Get your t-shirt here:

There is a Star Wars convention coming up in Orlando.  Even though I’m a huge nerd, I didn’t know about this.  But most importantly, they are giving away custom cereal!  I really want the Admiral Ackbar cereal, but I’m afraid it’s a trap.  Check out Greedo’s and Raisin Han, too!

Quantum Mechanix has some new merchandise, including this awesome figure of Wash from Serenity (I actually just washed that episode yesterday):

Not a picture, but it was an awesome video.  More reasons why I love Rep. Grayson!

An Anglican church in New Zealand has some awesome billboards, including this one which I absolutely love:

Here is the other one I’ve found from them:

Did you follow along with the Old Spice one day social media blitz?  It was pretty awesome, but I loved reading about how they pulled it off.  Sounds tiring, but worth it!

And finally, copyranter takes a look at an ad from  Beirut.  And their nightlife.  Which is apparantly reminiscent of bombs.  Sigh.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon after I get some more work done, catch everyone in a bit!

Back for more, thanks for reading!

Need a handy reference chart when discussing Sci-Fi?  Check this out.

Or maybe you’d rather take some time to get your finances in order, Lifehacker has you covered!

I posted the first one before, but here is the fully sick rapper again:

Synaesthesia is really weird, especially in how many different forms it takes, and I’m pretty sure I fit into at least one, and possibly two categories.  I don’t watch Dr. Who, so I’m not going to call myself a Time Lord, but how cool would that look on business cards!

Here’s an interesting article about the current state of the GOP.  I’m always excited when Buckley is discussed, since I actually know a little about him (and his son, one of my favorite authors).

Do you love Dr. Horrible’ Sing Along Blog?  Of course you do!  Do you miss 8-bit video games?  Of course you do?  Check it out:

Would you like to make prank calls…as Tiger Woods?  Again, of course you would!  Slate has your soundboard here.

This is making its way around the internet, guerrilla bridge building:

Astoria Scum River Bridge from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.


Andrew Sullivan has been talking about a giant statue of Mary, and here’s a follow up post about the area around the statue.  The image reminds me of a combination of Er’Cana (from URU) and the beginning area of Myst V.  I know, I’m a huge nerd.  This shot also reminds me of some of the areas in “The Great and Secret Show” and “Everville.”  As much as I want to post it over here I won’t, since it only has to do with the book.

This is a cool graph, and I think shows one of the reasons I love podcasts so much, I can multitask with them.  And I listen to free ones (well, all but one).

Are you upset by the Catholic Church?  How about trying to get excommunicated?  One Seattle writer tries it, I’ll keep you posted.  The letter is gut-wrenching and heartfelt, here’s a snippet:

I demand to be excommunicated because I do not believe women are second-class citizens. I demand to be excommunicated because your missionaries are informing impoverished citizens of third-world countries that birth control is a sin when it is in fact the single most important thing they could do to gain some small amount of control over their economic situation and health. I demand to be excommunicated because your church has become a hate group as virulent as any this world has ever seen, one that is unnaturally obsessed with the sex lives of good men and women across the planet. I demand to be excommunicated because I do not condone child rape or the concealment of child rape.

And my mind has been blown in like eighteen little pieces from trying to understand this link.  I heard this elsewhere recently and I’m trying to remember where, but for the life of me I can’t.  Maybe that’s because we’re exploding backwards from a white hole!

A guy has made a computer program called Jarvis, and integrated it into his apartment, as well as his GPS phone and his friends phones.  It can tell when they are coming home and turn lights on, turn lights on and off for the dog and all kinds of other things.  Here he is showing how it helps him out in the kitchen.  Very much a bachelor, and I do think the paper towels so close to an outlet and the George Foreman grill may be a safety hazard:

Thank goodness Ginny commented on this picture, I had seen it that morning in the PG and screamed a little inside.  Sometimes I love Harrisburg:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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