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You don’t win friends with salad.

Back for more, thanks for reading!

Need a handy reference chart when discussing Sci-Fi?  Check this out.

Or maybe you’d rather take some time to get your finances in order, Lifehacker has you covered!

I posted the first one before, but here is the fully sick rapper again:

Synaesthesia is really weird, especially in how many different forms it takes, and I’m pretty sure I fit into at least one, and possibly two categories.  I don’t watch Dr. Who, so I’m not going to call myself a Time Lord, but how cool would that look on business cards!

Here’s an interesting article about the current state of the GOP.  I’m always excited when Buckley is discussed, since I actually know a little about him (and his son, one of my favorite authors).

Do you love Dr. Horrible’ Sing Along Blog?  Of course you do!  Do you miss 8-bit video games?  Of course you do?  Check it out:

Would you like to make prank calls…as Tiger Woods?  Again, of course you would!  Slate has your soundboard here.

This is making its way around the internet, guerrilla bridge building:

Astoria Scum River Bridge from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.


Andrew Sullivan has been talking about a giant statue of Mary, and here’s a follow up post about the area around the statue.  The image reminds me of a combination of Er’Cana (from URU) and the beginning area of Myst V.  I know, I’m a huge nerd.  This shot also reminds me of some of the areas in “The Great and Secret Show” and “Everville.”  As much as I want to post it over here I won’t, since it only has to do with the book.

This is a cool graph, and I think shows one of the reasons I love podcasts so much, I can multitask with them.  And I listen to free ones (well, all but one).

Are you upset by the Catholic Church?  How about trying to get excommunicated?  One Seattle writer tries it, I’ll keep you posted.  The letter is gut-wrenching and heartfelt, here’s a snippet:

I demand to be excommunicated because I do not believe women are second-class citizens. I demand to be excommunicated because your missionaries are informing impoverished citizens of third-world countries that birth control is a sin when it is in fact the single most important thing they could do to gain some small amount of control over their economic situation and health. I demand to be excommunicated because your church has become a hate group as virulent as any this world has ever seen, one that is unnaturally obsessed with the sex lives of good men and women across the planet. I demand to be excommunicated because I do not condone child rape or the concealment of child rape.

And my mind has been blown in like eighteen little pieces from trying to understand this link.  I heard this elsewhere recently and I’m trying to remember where, but for the life of me I can’t.  Maybe that’s because we’re exploding backwards from a white hole!

A guy has made a computer program called Jarvis, and integrated it into his apartment, as well as his GPS phone and his friends phones.  It can tell when they are coming home and turn lights on, turn lights on and off for the dog and all kinds of other things.  Here he is showing how it helps him out in the kitchen.  Very much a bachelor, and I do think the paper towels so close to an outlet and the George Foreman grill may be a safety hazard:

Thank goodness Ginny commented on this picture, I had seen it that morning in the PG and screamed a little inside.  Sometimes I love Harrisburg:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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