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And we’re back.  Here’s what we have today.  First up, my new favorite song from Glee:

The Governor of Michigan admits that the war on unions doesn’t benefit the workers.  Imagine that.

Really cool Walking Dead art installation, the fingers got cut off as the days counted down:

“Wait, I can do something.  There’s injustice involving cake!”  More reasons to love Charm City Cakes.

Say goodbye to the iron, and hello to the cat.  This is why I only play Stars Wars Monopoly.

Speaking of Star Wars: Death Star lollipops:

It is sadly, now strange enough to print a newspaper, that it can be a reality show.

Awesome church sign of the day:

 That’s it for today, have a great one!

And I’m back, with more fun stuff for you!  First up, watch this trailer, I’m freaking excited for this:

VH1 is bringing back Pop-up Video, and has ordered 60 episodes.  I might be even more excited about that.

This PSA ran during the season finale of Glee, and I really, really like it.  I hope it’s effective (and I should work on that myself, I’ve gotten better, but it certainly pops out every now and then):

Speaking of Harry Potter (from my last post), what if he had an MBA, check out the gallery here:

One of my favorite blogs has a post up about the fake necessity of repeating something seven times before it is remembered.  Go check it out.  Enjoy the rage.

And here’s an awesome video involving ball pit balls and magnets:


F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival. Inductance from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.


I’m a little behind, but here is a gallery of awesome signs from Borders:

Stephen Colbert takes on habitual liar (not intended to be a factual statement) Jon Kyl.  Here’s a favorite, and here are the rest:

In case the embed code does not work below, go and watch John Lithgow perform an actual press release from Newt Gingrich.  I will repeat, these are the words, verbatim, from an actual press release.  How amazing!

And finally

Whole bunch of stuff to add in today, still not quite caught up, but it’s a big dent, I hope you enjoy:

It’s no longer illegal to jailbrake your phone!  I could have put this under the Great and Secret Show, but I have some other ideas for that, so I figured I would just link this here.  Hooray!

I have no idea where I found this, but it involves The Muppets and Kick-Ass:

Jane Lynch is going to be hosting SNL!  Be sure to tune in on October 9!

Over the summer we searched for fake merit badges and found this page.  I really like the “Easy Button” on!

How about a lot of Iron Chef America secret ingredients?  Ok:

Amazon is now selling more eBooks than physical books.  Kind of scary, but interesting.  Slate takes a look at it, I can’t remember if it is that article, or another that makes mention of the idea of dynamic eBook covers, which I think is an awesome idea.

Good.  Freaking.  Gravy.  This is why I get fed up with people.

I’ve been reading PostSecret for a while.  Frank’s mail carrier retired, but she put some thoughts up on her own blog.  Check them out here.

And here’s another fun video for you:

And here’s an awesome news story coming from I’m not even sure where.  But I have to say, The strippers sound more level-headed than the pastor:

And I was up at camp when it all went down (and continues to go through the legal system), but here’s some updates on Prop 8 being struck unconstitutional:

Andrew Sullivan pulls out the facts from the Judge’s ruling.  He also links to some other excellent writing.

The lawyers go on both Fox News and CBS, and absolutely destroy their opponents (not legal opponents, in these clips, the talking heads).  Both are amazing to watch.

And strangely enough, Fox News seems to be flipping.  One anchor supports Marriage Equality and Bill O’Reilly tries to make Obama stop enforcing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

And on a related note, a candidate for Governor of Florida (and their current Attorney General) wants to ban same-sex couples from adopting, based on his personal religious views.  Dan Savage takes him down a few pegs:

We’re not allowed to slam McCollom for this because, you know, he’s talking about his personal, religious faith here… a personal, religious faith that McColloum would like to impose on everyone in Florida by force of law. And I think we can all agree that every child deserves a mother and a father—particularly the 20,000 kids that are in foster care in Florida right now because they were failed, neglected, abused, or abandoned by their mothers and fathers.

And finally, AFER (American Foundation for Equal Rights), the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the trial, put together this video about one of the couples they represent (points for including Wii Tennis!):

Paul and Jeff from American Foundation for Equal Ri on Vimeo.


That’s it for now, catch everyone later!

Just in case you forgot, tonight is the season finale of Glee!  And now, Jane Lynch takes on the iPhone 4:

You’re welcome.

Couple things for everyone, first, The Onion will be getting a second show, the first will be “news,” the second will be sports centered.  I just rewatched The Onion movie over the weekend, highly recommended!

A followup to the passage of Healhcare Reform:

The note, which reads “Dad, the unfinished business is done.” was left by Patrick Kennedy on his father’s grave

Also as a follow up to Healthcare Reform, I donated a dollar to A Ticket for Rush.  I don’t expect him to go, but it’s fun anyway.

Glee comes back in two weeks!  Check out the new trailer, as well as a special message from Sue Sylvester:

And just for fun, here’s a man who taught an alpaca to stay on a surfboard in the water.  Alpacas are cool, but not as cool as llamas!

Couple things for everyone real quick before I get back to work.  Firstly, Mika sings the title track from the upcoming movie, Kick Ass:

Here’s a bunch of Glee spoilers, all kinds of awesome things in there, including the fact that Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris will be doing an Aerosmith duet, and this gem of a line cut from Sue’s part:

“I will kick you square in the vagina.”

Although to be fair, I did like the one with the manhole cover, and the one with a top hat, it was classy!
The Guild Season 3 is now being released on youtube (and DVD and iTunes), check out the trailer:
And on a related note, here is a great series on how to make Codex’s staff.  Check out Felecia Day and her use of power tools!  She makes the Sears’ Blue Crew proud!
Best.  Cuckoo.  Clock.  Ever.:
Would you like to know more about Daylight Savings Time?  Of course you would!
The government is finally moving forward a little bit on the issue of gay blood donation.  Here’s what I don’t understand.  Why is it only if someone has had homosexual sex since 1977?  What happened in 1977 that made blood after that unsafe?  What if a couple was having sex at midnight from December 1976 going into January 1977?  So many questions, so little thought.  Also, hemophelia groups? I didn’t even know that was a word.
And finally, another video!  This one for an academy award nominated movie:

Alright, I hope everyone had a good weekend, I’m back with all kinds of stuff, enjoy everything!

First, I’m going to kill you with cuteness.  This monkey sounds like R2D2!

Last year it was announced that Joss Whedon was going to direct an episode of Glee.  And now it was announced that Neil Patrick Harris will guest star in that episode!

Speaking of Glee, the Christian Right is warning parents not to let their children watch it, for, and get this: including too many musical numbers.  Thank goodness they were here to point out the obvious!

But thankfully, the courts have ruled that colleges and universities can decide not to science credits from classes that taught only creationism.

Have you had the urge to listen to “Mrs. Robinson” lately?  It could be because of the huge scandal in Ireland recently.

Conan put the Tonight Show up on Craigslist, although it has already been taken it down, you can check it out at The Consumerist.

And here is the most expensive sketch, from his final night:

Speaking of, this is how the late night wars went down, according to a Japanese news station.  I don’t understand either:

Watch this clip of Gov. Rendell (The Gov. of Philadelphia, I mean, Pennsylvania), does me make some sort of slip implying that he’s gonig to run for Senate, or am I reading too much into his comment about “some of us” losing our races:

This is floating around out there, but apparantly, the number of Crayola crayons doubles every 28 years:

Would you like a Router made from Legos?  Of course you would!

Tim on Distorted View mentioned this one, as well as some other ones, but I do agree, this must be the best Rickrolling ever!

I’m not sure what to think about these signs.  I like them, I guess, and I appreciate how oddly specific they are…

This commercial played while I was at the bar yesterday, I laughed, a lot:

More weight to the only reason I want a PS3: Little Big Planet is going 3D!

If you didn’t watch the Hope for Haiti telethon last Friday, here is my favorite performance of the night:

If you haven’t heard, the fear-mongering and hateful Focus on the Family will be running an ad during the Super Bowl.  Which is interesting, since CBS doesn’t show ads “touches on and/or takes a position on one side of a current controversial issue of public importance.”  Right…

And just to keep us up to date, The Onion has a great roundup of God’s Anger according to Pat Robertson, the jerkface.  Although to be fair, Satan did respond via a letter to the editor.  And here’s a fun little game to pass the time, staring Pat Robertson, Martin Luther and (wait for it) Hitler

I don’t like cats.  Never have.  However, I do have to give this cat credit.  A lot:

The guys over at the NOH8 campaign have an awesome blog post called “Redefining Republican,” written after the two McCain’s (Cindy and Meghan) joined the campaign.  Worth a read.

Speaking of Prop 8, you’re telling me that the LDS church didn’t want anyone to know that they were involved?  I’m supposed to be surprised, right?  Here’s the followup, it’s just as important as the first link, as it corrects some of the reporting.  Basically, it’s not a direct quote, but how a witness observed the communication.

Patrick, once again, has an awesome blog post, this time about the Internet as support group, including a note from “The interwebs.”  A little past Cluetrain, but still related, so I’m going to tag it.

Go, right now, and play first person tetris.  Enjoy!  And speaking of video games, hardcausal has an awesome article about explaining games to your grandmother.  Worth a read.  And Nintendo Power makes fun of…Nintendo.

Guinevere the Boy Scout returns, check out her latest post here, an awesome entry about the Winter Parent and Son weekend.

The following video is supposedly DVR proof.  The concept is sound, and I believe proven.  If you keep your product in the middle of the screen, even someone fast forwarding through the commercials will see it long enough to make an impression in your brain.  And while yes, that is true, this ad misses the mark.  Seeing a picture of a grasshopper does in no way make me want to purchase their phone, it doesn’t even correlate, because the brand isn’t in my mind first of all, and secondly, since it isnt, there isn’t enough time for me to see the tiny phone and make the connection.  Not bad for effort, but totally missing the mark:

Contrary to the title, I did not find most of these funny.  While I do think they are good ads, not hilarious by any means.

Caution, more fun animals: Ok, moose are funny enough when they walk or run, they appear as though they  just have extra joints and their limbs just kind of flail about.  And the music in this video is awful.  But watch it anyway, just on mute.

Have I mentioned how much I love Representative Grayson?  And I’m still trying to learn more about the Supreme Court decision, apparently it doesn’t’ change as much as first thought, but it’s still a scary precedent, to be sure!

And now, a fun chart:

Speaking of food, good job, Giant Eagle!  This really is a good use of the Advantage Cards.  And to anyone who was surprised that they were monitoring your purchases I ask, really?

Interested in copy writing?  Appreciate the word ‘inconceivable?’  Check out the Princess Bride Guide to Copy Writing.  That’s right.

The guys from the Woot! podcast went to CES and made this video.  If the Wii by itself destroyed TVs, than that bowling ball is going to make so many, many people cry.  Who would think that that is a good idea?

What would The State of the Union be like of Steve Jobs delivered it?  Slate finds out.

The first live tweet was sent from the International Space Station.  And my mind has exploded a little bit.

Honestly, I’m surprised no one else thought of this.  The BBC straps a camera to birds heads and lets us fly with them:

Ok, that’s it for now, giant post!  Have a great one everybody!


Checking in briefly, I hope everyone’s holidays are going well.

I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  Glee (the first half of) Season 1 comes out Tuesday.  I’m thinking I have a plan in place.  Here’s some of my favorites from the show so far.  Notice how Finn dances the same in every number, and its only in one of the following, but the ending shot, following upstretched arms to the lights: very good:

I may love this coffee shop, a lot:

Also, I find this extremely funny:

The Radial Middle, as always, has a fantastic piece:

You don’t have to be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew or any particular race, creed, color, tint or hue to offer and receive the blessings of this or any other season. You just have to be open to — and accepting of — all the infinite possibilities of human faith and hope and love.

Okay, one more funny picture:

Have a great one everybody!

I hope everyone had a great Festivus yesterday, enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas!  And for your enjoyment, here’s what I’ve found lately:

I tend to think that Flash Mobs have been a bit overdone, but this one was cool, even if the music editing took some turns for the worse towards the end:

This showed up on SNL, and I laughed, a lot:

And another video to start off with, I don’t understand chemistry at all.  It makes no sense to me, I’ll stick to physics thank you very much.  However, I think this would have helped a lot:

Carblolic Smoke Ball has done it again, and by done, I mean made me laugh a lot:

Stuttering Caroler Ruins Christmas Concert, Repeats the Sounding Joy

They also report on the newly discovered letter of Saint Paul:

THESSALONIA, Ohio – Theologians are calling Saint Paul’s third letter to the Thessalonians, lost in the mail for 2,000 years because of insufficient postage, but finally delivered and opened last night, a “bombshell” because it urges that Christ be kept out of Christmas.

Breakpoint City, one of my favorite web comics, has once again reminded me that I should make a snowglobe.  Head on over and check it out, you’ll love it!

And here’s a video guaranteed to make you feel insignificant:

And following the ridiculous tradition, CBS cares.  They really, really care:

Really?  Do something “for your woman”?  And while I am glad to see this one including Santa (although I’m sure there are Santas out there who either claim, or really could fill in as a OB-GYN, don’t trust them if they smell like whiskey!), I’m still confused as to why there are ones specifically made for Christmas and Haunakkah. My mind explodes a little bit.

CBS Cares.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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