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Hypocrisy at this level is like seeing Mel Gibson at a synagogue

Couple things for everyone real quick before I get back to work.  Firstly, Mika sings the title track from the upcoming movie, Kick Ass:

Here’s a bunch of Glee spoilers, all kinds of awesome things in there, including the fact that Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris will be doing an Aerosmith duet, and this gem of a line cut from Sue’s part:

“I will kick you square in the vagina.”

Although to be fair, I did like the one with the manhole cover, and the one with a top hat, it was classy!
The Guild Season 3 is now being released on youtube (and DVD and iTunes), check out the trailer:
And on a related note, here is a great series on how to make Codex’s staff.  Check out Felecia Day and her use of power tools!  She makes the Sears’ Blue Crew proud!
Best.  Cuckoo.  Clock.  Ever.:
Would you like to know more about Daylight Savings Time?  Of course you would!
The government is finally moving forward a little bit on the issue of gay blood donation.  Here’s what I don’t understand.  Why is it only if someone has had homosexual sex since 1977?  What happened in 1977 that made blood after that unsafe?  What if a couple was having sex at midnight from December 1976 going into January 1977?  So many questions, so little thought.  Also, hemophelia groups? I didn’t even know that was a word.
And finally, another video!  This one for an academy award nominated movie:

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