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Alright, let’s see what we have today.  First up, Prince has his own Pantone color!  Of course it’s purple!

If you haven’t been convinced that ‘gay conversion’ torture is real, or harmful, new, horrific recordings have surfaced thanks to investigative journalism.

A new reality show is coming to (British) TV, and I certainly want to watch it: Bromans:

The mayor of Hell (Michigan) has banned straight people.

My new favorite thing on the Internet: Dungeons and Drag Queens!

A gay porn star calls out Colby Kellar for his privilege.  It’s beautiful.

And finally, the trailer for the new Netflix documentary about Lady Gaga:

That’s it for today, have a great one!

I’ll be back later, with a couple of things.  First, I’m rewatching the entirety of Dollhouse, I’ll be putting down some thoughts about each episode, just for funsies.  Also, I should be back later with another regular post, but I wanted to get some things put up here that I found here.

First up, here’s the debut trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

Speaking of, would you like to be a hero?  Here’s the Generic Legendary Hero Training Manual!

Ladies and Gentleman…this is how your man can become the man you wish he smelled like…or something like that:

I’ve never realized that there are signers at rock concerts.  But apparently, they have lots of problems with Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga, imagine that!

It was only a matter of time before this came around:

Disney is doing a new campaign, putting celebrities into iconic animated roles.  I like this one and the Ursula:

Alright, that’s it for now, but I’ll be back later with more, have a great one!

I’ll be back with a larger post in a bit, as I’ve actually been keeping up with and going through all my links, but for now, I’d like to discuss Lady Gaga.  I’ve been enjoying her music more and more, even though I always seem to be behind on music being released.  Patrick has been talking about Bad Romance, and I watched the video yesterday, and love it, especially the last scene.  In that vein, I’d like to bring your attention to these two images:

And this one, a wider shot:

Does anyone else think she looks like Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch in these shots?

Also, apparently it is impossible to buy an unedited version of The Fame Monster.  This is what the Amazon page says:

Please note: Any apparent edits on this release are intentional and part of the final mix.

Somehow, I actually doubt that, I’m guessing it was put up after enough complains about the CD being edited.  If anyone knows where to pick up an unedited version of it, let me know.

Ok, that’s enough pop culture for one post, I’ll be back later, have a great one!

Alright, I’m finally starting to go through everything from last month, let’s see how much I can cram into this one post before it gets too unwieldy or I get lost and confused.  I’ll try to break up the links with images and videos, so read and click away!

I’ve followed the story here and abroad for a while because I’ve found it extremely interesting, but it seems that now gay men can donate bone marrow in Canada.  Another step in the right direction for Canada, we’ll see how long it takes the U.S. to follow.  Sweden also recently ended their ban on gay blood donation.

I kind of like Lady Gaga’s music, and even though she sometimes comes off as bat-shit crazy, she really is a good person.  Seen here, she meets Queen Elizabeth II, obviously knowing when to pick her publicity/battles.  I wonder what she would be called if she was ever given the title “lady”?

This is kind of crazy, but strands of tiger DNA has been found in the AIDS virus.  From what I’ve read, it is thought that HIV/AIDS came from monkeys (I think), so I’m not sure how this fits in with research and whatnot.  But in a giant breakthrough, researchers have found that stem cells can kill HIV, or at least, have the proof of concept.

Have you seen the Wii’s holiday ad, I really like it:

Are you in a dire situation?  Just hit the button.

If you haven’t seen it, PostSecret’s new video is pretty amazing:

PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God from Frank Warren on Vimeo.

The Episcopal Church elected its first openly lesbian bishop.  Canterbury isn’t too happy, I can’t even imagine (or care for that matter) what ex-bishop Duncan is saying.

When you click through to see Yale students protesting some evangelical preacher on their campus, make sure to see how many categories on his sandwich board you fall into.  Obama voters, Dirty Dancers (really?), Hindus, Feminists…you’re all on there.  And going to hell, apparently.  Like I always say, it will be a party, and we’re all apparently invited!

And here is a picture of my favorite protester, Chris Pesto from Syracuse:

This link from Gizmodo, is an awesome cheat sheet for buying a new TV, check it out if you’re in the market.

I think the evangelical preacher at Yale would like this link.  It ends up making me angry if I read too much, but if you want to see the hilarious things that people worry about, namely, people working retail during December that would dare to with you “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.”  Stupid people aren’t allowed to believe things that I don’t.  Currently the most offensive, GAP, mostly due to their awesome commercials.  Here’s an example:

I am absolutely sickened by the new Gap commercial comparing Christmas to Solstice and “do what you like”. I will NOT shop at the Gap, Old Navy, or their sister stores any more nor will my teenagers. …

And here’s the commerical

I’m liking the campaign mostly because it’s pissing off the right so much.  And from what I can gather, a direct response to the right after they pulled shenanigans back in the fall.

Speaking of good ads, I love this one:

As well as this campaign for Levi’s:

Also, this one for Discovery Channel:

Someone alert the Russians, vodka is now available in pill form.

I’ll go ahead and say no, progress bars on traffic lights is not a good idea.  But interesting idea though.

The Catholic diocese of St. Louis sent $10,000 to Maine to help overturn their marriage equality law.  I have a big post coming up for that, with all kinds of links and updates, really everything that has happened since NaNoWriMo, and the election at the beginning of November.  People are now protesting the diocese of St. Louis, but truth be told, $10,000 was just a drop in the bucket.  It will make your skin crawl, stay tuned.

Dollhouse may be cancelled, but their marketing is just really starting up (thanks a lot, Fox), here is Rossum’s November ad:

I don’t understand this at all, how it works, or even that it could be done.  Scientists have trapped a rainbow, and my mind just exploded a little bit.

I found this song on a mix CD that I’ve had for a while, and I’m really liking it, although the music video leaves a lot to be desired:

If I was in Seattle, I would go here, and blow up golf balls and use cannons for mini-golf!  I would go there a lot.

This has been making its rounds, and it rocks:

And since it is the end of the decade, we’ll be getting lot of these vidoes.  Although I think this left out a lot of stuff, it’s a good start.

Ok, one more video then I’ll break it up a little bit.  This video made me like Martha Stewart a lot.  It’s a good thing:

If you liked Harry Potter, or even if you didn’t, you should really read The Magicians, I read it, and could not put it down, and was really hoping there would be more than one, but as of now, it’s a one off book.  However, you should pick it up, it examines what a magical world would be like if it was college, instead of a prep school, and the hazards and problems young adults have to face instead of teenagers.  Check out this article from io9 about it if you’re interested, and you should be.

Ok, I think that’s it for now, sorry for the length, although there is still a lot more for me to go through and post for you.  I’ll be back with more soon, enjoy the day!

And I’m back!  Big update, and another big one coming, hopefully tomorrow.  I’ve been working hard on my NaNoWriMo novel, and the word counts are now working, you can follow my progress on the left side.  Also, Pittsburgh is in a word-war with Sacramento and Finland.  Yes, the entire country.  And we’re also battling Philly, but less officially.  Tracking for that is over there as well.  We agreed at our write-in today that we need to take down Finland.  Because it would be so satisfying to say that we won versus an entire country!  Also, we learned that they only have to write 30,000 words because of how their grammar works, sentences like we use can be said in three or four words.  Only fair, and a cool fact!

I watched live online the House pass their version of Health Care Reform.  It was exciting, I found out that most representatives don’t know when to sit down and shut up, and generally I would not like to be in either house of Congress.  I also spent a good bit of time researching on wikipedia things like Whips.  All in all, a fun evening.  While I don’t agree with the individual mandate and I think there are cuts for women’s health hidden in it (but I would have to check), generally, it’s a step in the right direction.  Heck, just getting rid of the term “pre-existing condition” would do this country a lot of good.  Well, the term, and everything associated with it, you can’t just rename it and expect it to work…you know what I mean.  Good job House!

Ok, too much talking, here’s the newest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:

Did you know they are working on a space elevator?  I didn’t either.

And in the UK, construction can begin on the first underground mansion, complete with water slide!

That guy in Louisiana who refused to give out marriage certificates to interracial couples finally quit.

And I think this family wins for Halloween costumes!

Speaking of, Dan Savage has a great column about Halloween costumes.  Check it out, but not while you’re at work.

Games Radar did an article about video games characters zombiefied.  I don’t like the article, I don’t think the graphics were great, however, there was one entry which made me laugh, Pac-Man:

This video has been floating around this week, I’m already a fan on Facebook.  You should be too.  You know, if you support the 11 principles and the 3 herbs and spices…and you oppose the communists who want to socialize your Nazism!

Not quite your thing?  Then check out this video mash-up:

Did you know you can grow a mustache in November in support of men’s health charities?  I didn’t know, although I’m already doing one month-long project.  Not shaving would require another commitment….wait a minute….nah

The Diocese of Fort Worth is finally going to ordain their first woman priest.  Only took them 33 years, but good for them.

And it makes me happy that wherever the Westboro Baptist Church goes, more counter-protesters go.  6-200.  Sounds about right.

Are you going to be participating in a drag race?  Not in cars, a race, in drag.  Here is what you need to know.

Ok, there is a lot more coming, but for now, that’s all.  Have a great one!

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