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I’ll be back with a larger post in a bit, as I’ve actually been keeping up with and going through all my links, but for now, I’d like to discuss Lady Gaga.  I’ve been enjoying her music more and more, even though I always seem to be behind on music being released.  Patrick has been talking about Bad Romance, and I watched the video yesterday, and love it, especially the last scene.  In that vein, I’d like to bring your attention to these two images:

And this one, a wider shot:

Does anyone else think she looks like Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch in these shots?

Also, apparently it is impossible to buy an unedited version of The Fame Monster.  This is what the Amazon page says:

Please note: Any apparent edits on this release are intentional and part of the final mix.

Somehow, I actually doubt that, I’m guessing it was put up after enough complains about the CD being edited.  If anyone knows where to pick up an unedited version of it, let me know.

Ok, that’s enough pop culture for one post, I’ll be back later, have a great one!


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