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Alright, let’s see what have today. First up, in cool space news, we have a new atlas of the Solar System!

NASA has also released a stunning photo of Saturn in its summer.

In other exploration news, NOAA is sending divers down a blue hole off the shore of Florida!

A video showing the evolution of the world’s tallest buildings:

Has your mail been slower lately? It’s not your imagination, the new Postmaster General admitted he’s slowing it down. It’s all an effort to discredit voting by mail, BTW.

Don’t come at me with any ‘both-side-ism’ because they are far from each other. The North Dakota GOP had to disavow it’s own platform because they admit that no, gay people don’t ‘infect society.’ Monsters.

In other state political news, Washington State is suing the federal government because they are trying to take away queer rights in regards to healthcare. So yes, things are in fact much worse now.

Back to federal again, Biden vows to allow the military to display pride flags again. With their new ban on Confederate flags (you know, the traitors that killed members of our military), it also banned pride flags (you know, currently serving members of our military).

And in what should cause you endless rage, the administration initially decided they didn’t need to do anything about the global pandemic because it was only affecting ‘blue’ states. Not only are they dumb as fucking bricks, they are monsters willing to literally sacrifice American lives for their own gain.

And some local bad news, protesters at a Pro Police Rally decided to chant about killing queer people. Because no where is actually really safe, sadly.

Okay, some good news. AOC delivered an amazing rebuttal to the lawmaker who insulted her and gave a fake apology. Worth a watch!

And surprise, surprise, the antifa movement has caused zero murders in 25 years.

Okay, pallet cleanser: check out this music video from The Mandalorian:

XKCD examines the habitable campfire zone.

Johnny Walker is coming out with a sustainable, paper based bottle! How cool is that!

A reminder, when we talk about toxic masculinity, not only is it bad for everyone around us, but it’s also bad for men. When we talk about defeating toxic masculinity, it’s also good for the men as well! A new study shows that those more disposed towards those toxic traits are more likely to be depressed themselves.

Okay, and finally, The Muppets take on Hamilton Act One and Act Two!

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, big update today, let’s see what we have.

So in outrageously offending news, the defense in the PA marriage equality trial are seeking the complete sexual history of those challenging the ban.  So no matter how bad your day has been, at least the state isn’t asking for all the details of your sex life to continue denying you your rights.  Sigh.

Awesome photo of a polar bear and a full moon.

A radio host, who is very popular in GOP circles, thinks that only property owners should be able to vote.  He stopped himself from adding ‘white male’ is my guess.

Want to see what it’s like to go ski jumping?  Of course you do:

The divorce rate of evangelicals is higher than the general population.  But even if you’re not and evangelical, if you live in a heavily-populated area, you have a bigger risk of getting divorced.

The rumor was that AHS was going to be subtitled “Circus” next season, but maybe not?

Remember the 14th Amendment?  The one that says we all should have equal rights?  Well, the OK attorney general says that it doesn’t apply to gay people.

If you haven’t seen the new Duracell commercial, you should:

As a reminder, when you operate a business, you can’t discriminate against a population.  If you set out a sign saying you would not serve African Americans, it’s the same as saying you won’t serve gays.  Not a hard concept (except when legal loopholes get involved). Or you can Arizona which is trying to make it legal to discriminate against the LGBT community because of religion.

I love the Muppets, even if they did get snubbed at the Golden Globes:

A great clip from Louisiana where a trans woman dared a bigoted city council member to put his money where his mouth was and stone her to death.  He recalled his bill moments later.

The Great Agency Adventure follows a copywriter working at 14 agencies in 14 months.  Sounds fun!

That’s it for now, have a great one everybody!

Alright, let’s see what we have today.  First up, the trailer for Disney’s Maleficient:

I really can’t prepare you for this, but 12 awful sex tips from Cosmo…presented by Gollum.

All the weird stuff that Blockbuster is putting up for sale on Craigslist.

And also, the new Muppets trailer:

Sadly, I don’t fit the age categories, but if you do, you can audition for Star Wars Episode VII

As it turns out, dinosaurs might have been bigger than we thought.  Scary!

Who knew that dollar bills could be such works of art.  Check them out here

In breaking news, women make less than men.  And it’s awkward when it comes out in politics.

Personally, as a matter of style, I don’t use the Oxford comma, but I’m always of the camp that whichever style you choose, you be consistent with it.  And XKCD covered it here.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all, quick update for everyone before I head back to my novel (left than 9K to go!)

First up, my friend Patrick put together an awesome video around DC:

Sooooooo, this is strange.  And what happens when there isn’t a separation of Church and State.  Also, it’s kind of ridiculous the CoE still won’t allow women bishops.  As we’ve said before, the penis is not a direct link to Jesus.

NPH has an awesome new show coming to Nerdist:

And if you’ve watched Crash Course World History (or even if you didn’t), here’s their second blooper reel:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Back with a couple things for everyone.  First up, I’ll have to wonder if my laptop bag (a new one I just switched to by the way) will forever smell like vanilla, since I splashed my drink onto it.  Not too much, but enough.  But then the table next to me spilled their entire drink on the floor, so I feel a little better.


A follow up to the cello Star Wars, I like this one better by the way:

Here is the Muppabet, which reached the end, and has since ended.  That’s a neat idea though, to have a set end for a blog.

Don’t click unless you want to feel your arteries clog up.  I’ll give you a hint, it involves a McRib, bacon and fried mozzarella sticks.

Okay, one more Muppet item, this amazing mash up with the Lord of the Rings.

Here’s a good graph for you:


The creator of TED is looking to recreate the conference once again.

I have a few friends who will love this for the pokeman reference.  I have others who will love it for the gardening skills.  Here is the pokerose.

When I’m out in public and can overheard a first date, I live tween using the hashtag #FirstDateEavesdropping and it’s a fun time.  Andy Boyle did the same, but with a break-up

He’s out of the race, and didn’t have a chance to begin with, but I had a special type of vitriol for Herman Cain, seeing as he’s racist against the Lebanese.

That’s it for now, catch everyone later!

Another fun update for you, let’s take a look at what I’ve found online for you.

First up, need an explosion?  Just use this link and click the button.  Thank you Old Spice.

And again, if you haven’t seen it, go see The Muppets:

Facebook has announced a new anti-suicide help tool.  Pretty awesome!  Although there are so many status updates that are just lyrics, this will be tough to work out:


Awesome article: Everyone should work a service job.  God how much did I hate folding the basic tee table at Bauer?

George Takai gets us all behind a common cause:

No words can enhance this amazing sign:


Check out this revisioning of the Dark Knight Rises trailer:

Check out the best wedding and engagement photos from 2011 here.

Pantone released their color of the year.  Eh, not impressed.

This looks amazing, I had no idea it was being made:

I love Google’s sense of humor, check out the instructions to walk to Mordor.

Occupy Wall Streets becomes Lego Sets!  Not really, but cool idea from Slate.

A fun Star Wars Video:

That’s it for now, back with more soon!

Just like my last entry were items left over from my humor section of Google Reader, this time, the videos and articles come from my appropriately named “Dork” section.

First up, really awesome bicycle animation:

Next up, if you have not seen the new Muppets movie, go directly out to see it.  Then read and watch this awesome article about Mahna Mahna.

Some fun on Black Friday:

And finally, coming back to Earth:

Quick update for everyone.  First up, enjoy this awesome orchestrated version of the Mega Man 2 theme:

Clintus posted this to his blog, and it’s strangely profound:


Did you know that Herman Cain is running to be the president of Sim City?  Maxis’ response is priceless, although I wish they would have added “reticulating splines”:

We encourage politicians to continue to look to innovative games like SimCity for inspiration for social and economic change,” said Katsarelis. “While we at Maxis and Electronic Arts do not endorse any political candidates or their platforms, it’s interesting to see GOP candidate Herman Cain propose a simplified tax system like one we designed for the video game SimCity 4.”

Adopting such a simple tax structure, Katsarelis said, would allow fantasy political leaders to focus their energy on infrastructure and national security. “Our game design team thought that an easy to understand taxation system would allow players to focus on building their cities and have fun thwarting giant lizard attacks, rather than be buried by overly complex financial systems.”

 Here’s the actual trailer for the Muppets Movie:

The comments with this Occupy Madison Avenue flyer are awesome.  Seriously, who still uses Lotus notes, and no I will not make the logo bigger.

And here’s a great video from Occupy Seattle:

I kind of want to make this cable manager, it’s an AT-AT from Star Wars!

Once again, Benstonium hits it out of the park (I know wrong sport metaphor):


And I’m back, with more fun stuff for you!  First up, watch this trailer, I’m freaking excited for this:

VH1 is bringing back Pop-up Video, and has ordered 60 episodes.  I might be even more excited about that.

This PSA ran during the season finale of Glee, and I really, really like it.  I hope it’s effective (and I should work on that myself, I’ve gotten better, but it certainly pops out every now and then):

Speaking of Harry Potter (from my last post), what if he had an MBA, check out the gallery here:

One of my favorite blogs has a post up about the fake necessity of repeating something seven times before it is remembered.  Go check it out.  Enjoy the rage.

And here’s an awesome video involving ball pit balls and magnets:


F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival. Inductance from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.


I’m a little behind, but here is a gallery of awesome signs from Borders:

Stephen Colbert takes on habitual liar (not intended to be a factual statement) Jon Kyl.  Here’s a favorite, and here are the rest:

In case the embed code does not work below, go and watch John Lithgow perform an actual press release from Newt Gingrich.  I will repeat, these are the words, verbatim, from an actual press release.  How amazing!

And finally

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