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One of my recurring posts.  Happy Easter!

One of my recurring posts.  Happy Easter!

Alright, been a bit, but let’s see what we have today.  First up, would you like the sheet music for the THX deep note?  Here it is.

In the news that has me so excited, Idris Elba is going to start in, produce and direct Netflix’s new, live-action Hunchback of Notre Dame!  Hunchback is my favorite animated Disney movie and in my top five stage musicals so I cannot wait for this!

Overwatch has partnered with You Can Play, marking that non-profits first foray into eSports!

Alone in the Game explores what it’s like to be gay or trans in sports.

Because his is where we all said we were headed: GOP congressmen want to make it legal for people to not sell houses to queer people.  Because fuck this world.

And a reminder, they’re far from perfect, but the Democrats every now and then pull out a great win when it’s needed.  In South Carolina, a clutch filibuster helped prevent an abortion ban from being passed.

A favorite web comic of mine, Surviving The World just wrapped up, but here is his last Pride comic:

The new Smash Bros. looks amazing (although I actually don’t like the art direction on the character models):

And of course, the CDC will roll back the collection of data from queer communities, which will lead to decrease in funding and more deaths from diseases that affect us more than other communities.

I’ll be talking about the Supreme Court decision in Masterpiece Cake in a later post, but this executive order from May is also really, really dangerous.  We’re quickly moving into a world where the few rights I have are being superseded by the ability for people to use their bigoted “religious views” to discriminate against me.  And yes, even if you’re using religion, it’s still bigoted.

Alright, that’s it for now, sorry for all the depressing things, but sometimes, that’s just what the world deals you.  I’ll be back with more soon!

One of my recurring posts.  Happy Easter!

Alright, let’s see what I have today for everyone.  First up, this cool map of London that replaces all the labels with movies:

The Oatmeal has an awesome article up, “How to Suck at your Religion”  Make sure to give it a read.

And again, I’m posting it because it’s funny, and I can have the sense of humor of a five year old.  Also, learn to kern.

This is fairly amazing.  No really:

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon!  Have a great one!

Quick update for everyone:

Are you on Facebook?  Of course you are, so why don’t you go and become a friend of Episcopal Priest Barbie!  I know, it’s pretty awesome.

This video is pretty cool, would be a neat application for cubicle dwellers, if the feeds could be set to be live from and outside location:

In religion news, I like Wheat Thins, I think they are far superior than Triscuits, but I will stand in solidarity with Triscuit, being as that is one of the names of my car.  Have no idea what I’m talking about?  Neither do I, here’s the quote that started it all:

Darwinist faggots who are as despicable as the rest, walking around eating your Triscuits.”

But Gawker caught up with the spokesperson for Triscuit:

Basil Maglaris, a spokesperson for Kraft Foods, the company that makes Triscuits, was nevertheless also stumped when asked why Islamic extremists might target his innocuous and nutritious charges. “I don’t think we have any comment on that,” he said. “Triscuits are a very popular cracker. We have a broad variety of people who love them these days.”

Except Islamic extremists?

“(Pause.) Everyone loves Triscuits, and we hope that everyone enjoys them.” We consider this to be a coded call for unity and peace. The religious and the secular alike must enjoy the crackers of their choice, free from the tyranny of snack censorship.

And in other religion news, a giant protest was held in Lebanon to demand the separation of Church and State.  Pretty interesting read.

This is a pretty awesome trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (the second half is just color bars, don’t bother watching for any new tidbits).  The entire campaign is really fun, with awesome little sound bites here and there including “Good gravy!”:

Two more videos, then I’ll let you go, first off, Betty White is getting ready to host SNL, here’s the promo:–g

And finally, I’m an Independent.  But I think I might change my affiliation to Bear Party (I seem to remember this from some time ago, but it’s good to be reminded of it)

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