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Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, the trailer for Disney’s Maleficient:

I really can’t prepare you for this, but 12 awful sex tips from Cosmo…presented by Gollum.

All the weird stuff that Blockbuster is putting up for sale on Craigslist.

And also, the new Muppets trailer:

Sadly, I don’t fit the age categories, but if you do, you can audition for Star Wars Episode VII

As it turns out, dinosaurs might have been bigger than we thought.  Scary!

Who knew that dollar bills could be such works of art.  Check them out here

In breaking news, women make less than men. ¬†And it’s awkward when it comes out in politics.

Personally, as a matter of style, I don’t use the Oxford comma, but I’m always of the camp that whichever style you choose, you be consistent with it. ¬†And XKCD covered it here.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon, Happy Thanksgiving!

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, Run For Your Lives is coming up. ¬†I did it last year as a zombie and it’s a great time, if you want to join me as a zombie (or meet up afterwards at the party), let me know:

Jimmy Carter has a great essay about equality.

Robyn Miller talked about Myst at this year’s GDC. ¬†A good friend was at the talk and sent me notes right after it ended and I am forever jealous. ¬†Forever.

I saw this on Facebook, and giggled. ¬†You know, since I’m five:

So far, I’ve been as impressed as I can be with the new Pope. ¬†He’s even reached out specifically to the Church of England, and it rumored that he will be the honorary chair of the 2018 Lambeth Conference (although honestly, those are contentious enough as it is, it may cause a lot of added drama). ¬†Guess we’ll have to see what the new Archbishop of Canturbery will do as well.

The man who is Virginia’s attorney general, and running for Governor, is arguing that sodomy should remain illegal in their state. ¬†And just so you know, even though anti-sodomy laws have been struck down by the Supreme Court because they were only used to invade the privacy and prosecute the LGBT community, it technically is any non procreative sex. ¬†Strangely, he won’t answer any questions about his own sex life when asked, you know, just to see if he’s complying with the laws he’s fighting to keep on the books.

And lastly, awesome video showcasing music from the Legend of Zelda:

I’m taking a quick break from noveling, so let’s see what we have today:

Dutch scientists have come up with self-healing concrete, pretty awesome!

Puerto Rico voted to become a state!  Sounds good to me, although Congress has to approve it and if that goes through, there is a process to statehood.  I think it would be fascinating to watch that happen, although we then have to reapportion House seats and figure out a new pattern for the flag.  But still, exciting!

So I guess the thing is for Republicans to move to Australia (remember, Canada got the French, Australia got the convicts and America got the Puritans), but as a reminder:

Washington State approved marriage equality, and in a cool move, the money from the new licenses goes to a charity that helps LGBT youth.  Great idea!

There were so many wins in the election for the progressive side (Obama, 3 marriage equality wins, defeating 1 marriage¬†amendment, Grayson winning his seat back, Baldwin, Warren, King, CO and WA approving marijuana, gains in the Senate, gains in the House, I think, Casey, Murdoch losing, Akin losing, and honestly even more). ¬†Check out the Good Men Project’s list. ¬†Michelle Bachmann won, but if that’s the only negative I can find, I’ll take it.

Here’s what I’ve been saying for years. ¬†We need both sides of the political spectrum to find the best solutions to our problems. ¬†We need that dialogue. ¬†And I’m hopeful that this election’s loss will bring the conservative side back towards the middle so we can have that dialogue. ¬†Rachel Maddow sums it up perfectly. ¬†Please watch this clip (the relevant part starts at 14:07, but the whole thing is good). ¬†Memorize it and force our¬†politicians¬†to have that dialogue between the two parties: we want everyone to win.

And another meme from the vote:

BuzzFeed shares idiotic comments from clients to creative professionals.  So sad that people say things like this.

Here is the anti-Starbucks menu:

That’s it for now, I’ll be back again soon, but have a great one!

Quick second update for everyone, let’s see what we have.

First up, two quick updates to my first valentine’s post. ¬†If you really love someone give them roses. ¬†Made of bacon:

Or of course, there is this Zombie valentine.  I love it!

This is floating around, and I love it. There are a couple things I would have added, and a bit of the editing is weird towards the end, but I love it:

The ongoing debate over women’s reproductive health is abhorrent. ¬†A snipped I found from Maddow:

The Bishops’ position, which the Republicans have now adopted as their own, is that religious leaders have the right to override that decision, even though it will affect employees who have no moral or religious qualms about birth control. Writing in Newsweek, Andrew Sullivan captured the Bishops’ thinking perfectly: “Catholic doctrine should, according to the bishops’ spokesman, also apply to non-Catholics.” […]

[T]he principle seems pretty clear to me. The Bishops want a veto over public policy. And the Republicans want to give it to them.

Go read the whole thing here, and check out a cool post at Slog about the crazies that are ruining the Republican Party (and yes, I do wish that there was actually a rational conservative party.  In order to find the best solutions to our problems, we need to have good, actual debate, and we need ideas from all parts of the spectrum.  However, the reactionary Republicans that have taken over the conservative side of the spectrum are preventing that rational discussion).

And to cleanse the palate, the trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

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