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Currently, it’s storming, and I’m doing what I can to ignore the thunder and lightning.  This was one of those days where I didn’t have anything planned and so it became just a super busy day running all over the place.  Had the weather cooperated, I had hoped to spend an evening on the deck, and while the storm system should pass, it’s ridiculously hot today, so I’ll most likely be staying inside.

However, I will make mention of one of the stops today, on my way to a friend’s, I swung by my local bar since they opened early for the World Cup final!

The outside patio was packed as well.  For how early in the day it was, it was great to see such a big turnout of people into the game.  The crowd seemed split between France and Croatia (I was rooting for France since a friend moved to Paris and they have better LGBT rights than Croatia), but all in all, just a neat way to spend some time, especially with how small soccer’s fandom is here in the states as compared to the big four.

A few more things here, then back to the grind for the week.  Hoping to try out some new gyms since mine will be closing, so hopefully I can find a new home!

We’re a third of the way through the month already!  I’ve been enjoying writing every day, and really enjoyed the more free-form blogging over the weekend (as well as the time to work on the site a bit), so I’m certainly glad I’m doing this.  However, if other NaNoWriMo projects are any indication, this is where it starts to get hard!

Anyway, first up today, it’s illegal for the Pride flag to be displayed in Russia.  But these World Cup fans have found a way around that!

The Governor of Maine has vetoed a ban on gay ‘conversion therapy torture.’  No word on if the state legislature will overrule him.

Various LGBT groups have come together to help stop the SCOTUS pick.  If he’s confirmed, we will most likely lose any kind of discrimination protection and will probably lose marriage equality as well (in addition to legal and safe abortion, contraception, voting rights and the list goes on and on).

The trailer for OITNB has arrived:


Hey everybody, quick update.  I thought I had some more links with me, but I guess they are still floating out in the tubes somewhere.  I’ll also have a few things for The Great and Secret Show that I’ll be posting in a little bit, so be sure to look for that.

First up, a federal judge has declared DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional on two grounds.  This was unexpected, but welcomed.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t stay.  But it’s interesting to watch, especially as the Perry trial is awaiting their verdict as well.  Also fun is that one idea was looking at it from the fifth amendment (I think) which guarantees equal protections, the other, the tenth, which gives states their rights (and is a favorite of social conservatives as well).  Exciting (and confusing legalese)!

The Stranger also came out with a great “New Column” which I’ll post:

Ok, one more piece from The Stranger, this time, in the form of a follow up letter about an internship:

Hey Lindy! I sent an email a while back to the old address of yours I have saved in my account. Since I hadn’t gotten anything back, I figured that either you took that account out of commission OR YOU ARE A BAD PERSON. To account for both options, I wrote a few responses in a “choose your own adventure” style of correspondence.

If your account is inactive/my e-mail exploded, go to page 1.
If you ignored/fiendishly deleted the e-mail, go to page 2.
To run down the cave on the left, go to page 73.

Read the rest of it here

I was tipped off about this post by PG+, but check out this awesome writing about Pittsburgh Poetry (and other local dialects).

Looking to kill some time?  This game is a lot of fun and slightly addicting.

And finally, do you happen to remember how I posted that awesome ad from Nike to start off the World Cup?  Well, maybe it’s cursed!  Slate examines it here in a follow up.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back in a short while with some more, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, I should be back either later today or tomorrow with more.

I just left D’s from watching the World Cup game.  I’m very sad that Ghana lost, one, because they were my team in the poll, but also because they were the last African team.  However, the last few minutes really showed that they did deserve to win that game.  Not that Uruguay did, but Ghana just seemed to fall apart a lot.  I”m excited for The Netherlands upset of Brasil, so I’ll either be rooting for them or Uruguay (yes, because their abbreviation is URU) in the finals.

First off, let us not forget this amazing portrait of the CEO of BP:

And of course, the time their Twitter account got interviewed by ABC:

If you’re a regular reader of Savage Love, be sure to check out this awesome parody that was published a while ago.

Like I said, real short, but I’ll be back with a lot more real soon, I promise!

Just a quick note, I’ve added World Cup widgets to the sidebar on the main page, as well as over on the blogs.  The first will follow Ghana, who I pulled in our World Cup pool at D’s, the second will follow the U.S.  And on that note, congrats to the U.S. for their draw and Ghana for their win (first for any African country in this year’s tournament)!

And in case you need a primer, The Onion has you covered.

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