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Wherein I’m asked for a contribution

Written: 5/27/2012

I give money to LGBT organizations when I can.  I work for a non-profit, and don’t have much money to spread around, but I do what I can.  i’ve donated to thinks like the AIDS lifecycle, HRC, Equality PA, Integrity and individual politicians as well.

Somehow, I got on a list and was contacted by Brad Schneider, who is running for congress from Illinois.  I opened up the envelope and was rooted to the ground by what I saw:

While my situation is temporary (although more permanent than I’d like), hopefully soon, I’ll be working for a different company.  And I will make sure that it is not another 501(c)3, which even with the passage of ENDA, would legally be able to fire me.

I always find it strange that sometimes people forget that not only can I be fired for my sexual orientation anywhere, anyone can.  A business can be run which fires straight people.  While I would not agree with that, it would be interesting to see the public reaction to that.

ENDA (Employee Non-Discrimination Act) is not the law of the land, and there is not an equivalent in Pennsylvania, although there is a similar law in Pittsburgh, it does not apply to charities, such as how the Boy Scouts are categorized.

It was certainly interesting to open that envelope, the reality is that I may get a letter like that which is not a fundraising appeal.

And again, I don’t write this for pity.  I can cope better by writing, and I hope that eventually, when this all goes public, I can help people understand a little better what it’s like being a gay man in this country at this moment, and the struggles we all face because of hatred and bigotry.

All my best,

The King of Spades

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