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Written: 10/21/2012

Washington state has marriage equality on the ballot this November.  This is heartbreaking:

Tears begin rolling down my cheek and I realize I can’t do this. I also happened to be the only gay person (which I find rather shameful) at this phone bank. I wanted to leave early but after I calmed down from my not so short meltdown, I was given the job of calling other supportive people

Having to call and ask strangers for your civil rights can be horrific, but in classy fashion, the straights of Washington state are stepping up and fighting.  They went out to the streets, going to gay bars to register voters and  volunteering at phone banks.

Slog wrote it up here and here imploring for help, and it’s great to see everyone step up.

It’s a sad state when we have to fight for our basic civil rights, but it’s nice to see help from the majority, without which, no minority would have the civil rights we deserve.

All my best,

The King of Spades

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