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Wherein I recount a story from the bar

Written: 04/24/2011

Note: I have a bunch of stuff to write about (I’ve been behind in my writing due to work and illness), so a bunch will show up as being written today, ignore the dates and enjoy the writing)

A few weeks ago I was at the bar, hanging out with some friends.  The woman next to me mentioned something about diving, so I politely inquired about it, which led to a nice conversation about diving.  As these things do, the conversation continued.

She was the manager at Mad Mex, where a good friend bartends and it seems they are never at a loss for customers.  She was looking for two bartenders: both male, one of a racial minority and one gay.  She had commented that she would like one person to fulfill both those needs, but wasn’t going to press her luck.  Aside from the fact that legally I don’t think she can do that (but as long as she never says that in an interview or job posting, I think she’s okay), had I known anything at all about bartending I think I would have turned to her and offered my hand as her gay bartender.

But I’m content to stay on this side of the bar.

And besides, even though she isn’t there any more, I heard she was awful to work for.

All my best,

The King of Spades

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