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A friend is one who sees right through you and still enjoys the view

Sorry for my absence as of late, I’ve been sick as a dog and trying to recover.  Here’s a couple quick things before I dive into some work I need to do this weekend.

Ummmm, Tiger.  You’re not helping yourself:

This is amazing, according to her own wishes, Elizabeth Taylor was late to her own funeral.  Awesome.

I’ve been told time and time again to read the Fire and Ice saga, which starts with “A Game of Thrones,” also being made into a mini-series on HBO.  However, this Better Book Title makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t read it:

What do $1,000 trash cans, the Strip District and Snoop Dogg have in common?  Ginny has the answer.

I have a really, really dark sense of humor.  So I can’t decide if this is the worst, or possibly the best product placement in the history of the world:


In a cruel twist of fate that I totally saw coming (and so did everyone on the Internet), Duke Nukem Forever has once again been delayed.  For those unaware, the game was first announced in April…of 1997.

And in other video game news, the Kinect is being used to perform surgery.  Ok, not really surgery, but to scroll through digital information (a la Minority Report I think) to keep their hands sterile while looking at the images and information.  It’s also being used to make battle bots and help the blind navigate the world.  Awesome!

Okay, that’s it for now, catch everyone later!


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