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And I got my H1N1 shot today but now my kids will die of autism because Jenny McCarthy & Kirk Cameron said so.

Alright, a more media heavy update today, but some cool stuff to pass along.

First up, this video was filmed backwards.  You’ll understand when you see it, and it’s pretty cool:

Faith finally finished her article about Women in Scouting, specifically at Scout camp.  Check it out here.

It looks as though Slate’s year end Gaming Club has finished up, although I kind of remember them coming to the same conclusion last year.  Still a great series, even if they don’t talk about some of the games I think they should have.

I might have been having a lot of fun with this link, just keep clicking to see what you get.  Because Joe Lieberman wants you dead (.com)

Even more than the previous link, this makes me so incredibly happy.  The rest of the world must really think the U.S. is bat-shit crazy.  Honestly, if I was not living here, I would just be laughing at how stupid this congressman is.  Not only for doing what he did, but also for having the balls to go the conference, try to pull together a press conference even when our government is in the building behind him trying to work with other counties from around the world.  Good frickin’ grief.

If you need something to make you smile, check out the trailer for Mega Man 10:

Did you know you can check your weather and put it in Star Wars terms?  Currently, we’re at Hoth.

The Stranger has run this “new” column a couple times, and honestly, it makes me laugh each time, especially the second letter:

And to end (much shorter post than I thought), here is just a creepy, creepy PSA from CBS.  Good sentiment, but still strange:

That’s it for now, have a great one everybody!

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