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I’m all done with my NaNoWriMo novel, so now I can finally get through some of my RSS feeds, here’s what I’ve found:

The combination Star Wars/Indiana Jones you didn’t know you needed.

Now you can get a giant Ritz cracker that doubles as a serving tray.

Brian Sims discusses why queer people thrive in politics: empathy.

The bottles you need to stock your bar.

What August Wilson can teach us about the current Supreme Court.

Alright, that’s it, short update today, have a great one!

Yesterday’s writing was the podcast page, if you haven’t noticed, I finally go that up and running!

So, reading through all the news that came across my feed today, the world is a mess.  More than normal.  That probably won’t change in the near future.  So instead today, I’m just going to leave you with something to make you happy.  A youtuber who I love put together this amazing medley of music from Super Mario.  This is also a great reminder how astonishingly beautiful the music from Super Mario Galaxy is:


Two quick videos for you, first up, the Youtube complaint department:

And the trailer for the 2012 Olympic Games (less than a month!):

Quick update for everyone, lots of videos this time around too:

First up, 10 misconceptions:

Awesome new shirt from Pittsburgh tees.  Check it out.

This is pretty awesome, there are giant roots installed at historic sites in Mexico as a giant art project.  Pretty cool.

Awesome cover of Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain, and I think I may like this better than the original:

An insulting law (the same type was ruled unconstitutional by the courts in Florida) was taken back, after another lawmaker decided to make it more fair.  The law would require anyone applying for public assistance submit to a drug test, and the other lawmaker added a provision making lawmakers submit to the same test.  Florida struck it down, since it violates the idea of  unlawful search and seizure, but before that happened, through the testing, it was learned that only 2% of those applying for aid in Florida were drug users, compared to 10% of the general Florida population.

Star Wars Uncut was finally released!  People from around the world were asked to submit 15 second clips, and the whole movie was pieced together:

And finally, check out this awesome experiment used with Google image search.

I’ll be back soon with more, have a great one!

FreddeGredde is one of my favorite Youtube artists, and he’s back with a special 12 Christmas songs in 4 minutes, check it out:

Two quick questions.  First, Metblogs had a massive database fail, and I’ not sure what’s going on.  But I still want to write about Pittsburgh.  I have two ideas, but wanted to see if anyone has a use for another unpaid Pittsburgh blogger.  I occasionally get invited to special events, apparently have some kind of following and like to write sarcastically about transportation, among other local things.

Two: is YouTube really, really, slow for anyone else?  I know they were hosting a lot of clips for Egypt, so I think that may have something to do with it, but it’s kind of unbearable right now.

Thanks, I should be back tomorrow or Friday with a bigger post, once I get some sleep!

Okay, back for some more clearinghouse items.

Check out this awesome article about the two ATMs that are in Antarctica.  Pretty awesome.

Here’s two recut trailers for you.  First, Seinfeld as a thriller movie:

And Arrested Development as an action movie:


This is something I feel that my friends would do, and I kind of love it, as it reminds me of Kingdom of Loathing.  Ladies and gentleman, the Baby Seal pinata:

Did you know that Jerry Springer ran for governor?  I didn’t, and this is an awesome ad:

This has been floating around for a bit now, but I have to ask.  A blue cape?  Really?

In case you hadn’t noticed, YouTube has been blocked in part of Russia.  Bad Russia!

I wonder what they would say about this (Republicans blocked the passage of a bill that would extend benefits to emergency personnel from September 11th):

Also, if Weiner would run with Grayson from Florida, I honestly don’t know what I would do, I would just move and work on their campaign for free.

The FDA just approved Stem Cell trials, which is pretty awesome, I can’t wait to see what will come out of this.

Is it possible to embed Facebook videos?  If it is, I can’t figure it out.  Anyway, check out a rare moment of downtime in the Keystone office.

This story has been floating around, and That’s Church has been covering it as well, but it’s still funny: Kings of Leon cancel show after being pooped on by pigeons.

And finally, I have to disagree with this article, Dollhouse figured it out by using Active Architecture.  And then by not needing that Architecture.  Maybe I’ll just stay in denial, that sounds like a good idea.

Here we go again, first with a clip from The Daily Show:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Highway to Health – Last Tea Party Protest of the Year

Daily Show
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Health Care Crisis

And here’s the follow up (I think this was right after the previous clip, but I’m not certain):

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
The D.C.
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political Humor Health Care Crisis

So apparently Youtube may or may not be considering charging for content, like Hulu is going to do next year.  Not good.  Where will I get my doses of keyboard cat, rickrolls and classic ads?

First of all, I love CMU.  Not only because of things like this, but this helps a lot.  Also, I really would love a giant coffee table that was really a Microsoft Surface:

SurfaceScapes Gameplay Session from Surfacescapes on Vimeo.

Speaking of healthcare, Andrew Sullivan (away this week) covers Joe Lieberman excellently in his blog here.  As awesome as it is to have Independents in congress, they really are not making me happy.  They should listen to their citizens (either way), not the lobbies.

I don’t typically watch Keith Olberman, I think he’s a little too angry, and sometimes too one-sided.  And to be fair, I still don’t see the connection between Beck and the Pittsburgh LA Fitness shootings (but then again, everyone here in Pittsburgh comes from a little different perspective about that I think), but it is always nice to see him take on FOX news:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


And lastly, this billboard was put in Australia (I think) in order to spark discussion about the perceived gender of God.  I’m really not sure how that connection is supposed to be made, but even so, I like the billboard (yes, I know, I’m going to hell):

Alright, that’s it for now, have a great one everybody!

Some people have been dreading this day, some have been looking forward to it, most don’t have a clue.  What is today you ask?  The day this CD arrived from Amazon (yes, I used Amazon so I could get the special edition with the DVD, stop judging):

I tend to like the live version of “Rain” better, but the studio version is also very good.  I apologize in advance to whoever will be in my car.

So, I love zombies.  I really do.  However, even I know that this blog is unnecessary.  Altough, maybe I’m looking at it wrong, maybe I should stop being so discriminatory and include the undead in the fight for equality.  I have some soul-searching to do.

Speaking of soul searching, the Vatican could use some more of it.  Because it’s ok that anywhere between 1.5% and 5% of clergy are invovled in sexual abuse, at least they aren’t the worst!  I’m just imagining (as he’s been called elsewhere and I happen to love but for different reasons) Pope Nazipants pointing at a walking-by Rabbi like the monkey in the closet from Family Guy.

Another hat tip to Joe. My. God., he posted this video which is making its rounds:

I knew a lot of the videos, but certainly not all of them, probably not even half.  It’s still fun to watch and pick out favorites though.

Also from youtube, this video is spreading, and was apparantly made in only one take:

And finally today, I know that the U.S. has the same type of restrictions, but never realized that so did Canada.  I have to agree with Freeman, everyone is at risk for HIV and other diseases that would casue blood to be tainted.  Read the story here.

Whoops!  I forgot to add this: I’ll once again be participating in Blog Action Day.  Here’s the fun little promo badge.  Look for my take on climate change (since I’ve never, ever talked about it before…/sarcasm), on October 15:

That’s it for now I think.  More links and whatnot coming soon, have a great one!

Ok, a couple quick things for everyone:

This is just amazing, and really cool to listen to and watch:

Also, it’s been making its rounds here it is, Prop 8, the musical!  Also, Maya Roudolf is in it.  She was my favorite cast member from SNL, so it’s great to see her on stage again!


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