Today's Mighty Oak

Ok, so it's been like, forever since I"ve updated.  I've just been so incredibly busy with school.  I seem to be doing just enough to get through (although I really don't know how I'm going to survive tomorrow….), but I'm up until about 3 each night and then up at 8:30 and do it all over again.

It's been nice here, cold, windy and snowy.  I like it.  Although the Commodore needs a bath.  I just picked up a St. Vincent decal (the bookstore now has ones that go on the outside in case you have tinted windows, like he does).

We got a Christmas tree and of course I'm running the obligatory: Name Mike's Christmas Tree Contest.  I'm accepting names until Friday and then we'll vote.

Overall though I feel so shitty, I just feel so forgotten and tossed aside.  I know everyone's busy, but at least tell me that, don't tell me how important I am and then forget all about me.

And of course, I'm sick of the self-serving adminstration of this school, they can all shove it (oh, my mother has taught be to be vindictive very well!)

But as always, life goes on as it must, I finished my website (although I have to uplaod it somewhere, but that isn't required for the class, just the design), my electronic meda final is just about done, and I just finished glueing my publication production project (a game for first graders teaching them the alphabet and animals).  Just a philo paper, an accounting exam and one last issue of the paper (comes out Monday).

 Finals week can't come soon enough, but then I want time to stop…

I just experienced one of my now favorite moments of going to college at St. Vincent: Four people (myself being one of them) carrying a coffin across campus, and no one asking anything about it or questioning us!

Again, it's been a while since my last update, sorry about that.  I guess I never realize how busy I am.  Last week was supposed to be a fairly easy week but that got shot to hell.

This upcoming week I have a layout of the paper to do (plus a ton of work in the office since we finally got internet), a philosophy paper and study for my accounting exam.

unnoticed , unheard and ignored by all, the little stick figure over in the corner slowly and painfully fades away into oblivion

It's been a while since I've posted, sorry all.  I've pretty much been disappearing anyway.  Between all the work I've had to do, and well, everything else, I've been so exhausted.

I really don't want to do anything this weekend.  I'm working the haunted underground (everyone should come, except Tim…becasue I don't think it would be worth the price of airline tickets at this point…now if it was like a month ago then I'd so go ahead!).  I'm really excited, I was part of the group that did it freshmen year, and we're all back together with some new additions and it will be great.

Other than that, I just want to disappear, as in, I really don't want to go to the party on Saturday.

Off to finish the newspaper, which comes out Monday.  It's a special 12-page edition!

Anyone have O.A.R.'s "Love and Memories"

If so, let me know so I can get it from you…thanks!

Two posts in one day, I know, how exciting:

From the people who brought you "The Name Mike's Car Competition" comes: "Name Mike's Plant Competition"!  Now accepting names!

The plant is green and leafy….yeah, I can't give you much more than that, it was $1.33 at Lowe's…stop by to see it if you'd like

blatanly stollen from Jolene's away message, but it is so perfect:

some nights this is easy to swallow
others, it just tears me apart
sometimes this is overexaggerated
but mostly it's pretty accurate
& sometimes i fall apart right in front of you
& it doesn't really suprise me that you don't notice..

I was very accomplished yesterday:

I finished the newspaper (sent in this morning, although I had to send corrections as two pictures didn't go through, but no biggie).

I finished Myst V: End of Ages (Yeesha was teetering and about to fall off the deep end.  Escher was a bastard, which I knew from the moment he blamed the fall of D'ni on Tian'na.  It was good to see Atrus one last time, and how I love the Bharo!)

I re-taped the 4-square court to regulation size

I recovered from being sick the night before, some weird thing where I went to bed feeling fine, then woke up to puke (and no, there was no alcohol involved last night).

Anyone want to go to Cleveland Saturday November 26 for a concert (the saturday after thanksgiving)?

Check out the concert
Tickets range from $20-$55

Seriously…I'll drive

Does anyone have the song "Radio Tokyo" by Marvelous 3?  I really want it…

Radio Tokyo
by Marvelous 3
album: ReadySexGo (2000)

Seven hours later
She takes the elevator
To the second floor
To the underground commitee

That's where they'll decide if
You'll be praised or you'll be tied up
On the bathroom floor
As you scream for more

All the souls are dying
While the idiots are trying
To convince you that they're cooler
But they still don't know
They're about to lose control
And they'll be saying now

Calling radio Tokyo
The lines are down, you're good to go
Now can't you feel
This is real
Calling radio Tokyo
The kids are feeling way too low
They're on their knees
Won't somebody please just bring them home

Get out of the black car
On the sidewalk of the big stars
Of the now and then
Kinda feels a little late

Someone had a bad day
So they sold your soul on Ebay
With an 8 x 10
Autographed in pen



Seven hours later
They stopped the elevator
To the second floor
And there was no more



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