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Eagle Up 2020: Week 0

Well, it’s the Christmas season, so that means training for Eagle Up has started!

For 2020, my goal is to run the 50/50: 50K and 50Mi, for a total of 81 miles. It’s the next bump up from 100K, this is the only race that I know of that does it, and being able to say I did 5050 in 2020 was too perfect to pass up.

Now, that may change, we’ll see how training goes and how I feel on race day, but I’m once again running an RFP plan. I took both the 100mi on 50 miles per week and 100mi on 70 MPW and split the difference. I’m finalizing the speedwork portions of it, but that starts in week 2.

When I trained for Eagle Up last year, I topped out with one week of 60 MPW, and this will give me (if I remember,) 3 weeks at 60 miles (or a hair over), so a steady increase without a huge jump.

I have my tune up races scheduled: Get Lucky 50K and O24 (where I’m supposed to run either 50M or 100K), as well as a race that I did last year and will once again use as a supported long run: the Spring Thaw (they’re giving away blankets this year!).

Current plan is to do the BodyWeightFitness Recommended Routine twice a week, and while I’ve never kept up with that, I’ve gotten more consistent and stuck with it longer each subsequent training cycle, so here’s hoping. I’ll also be doing my stretching routine to hopefully not repeat the four injured weeks I had last year.

I’m excited for this, and glad I’m back on an ultra plan. The Pfitz plan I did for Philly really increased my speed, but it also took a big toll on me mentally and physically, so I’m excited to get back to some loops and just long steady miles for a bit.

I’ve also started to use my runs as a time to catch up on Critical Role. Last year, I listened to a bunch of audio books, but in my first experiment, I really enjoyed listening to CR, and since I’m so far behind in campaign 2, this will be a good help!

And of course, there’s a good contingent from PRorER heading to Eagle Up, so I’ll have plenty of support, we’ll start planning that as we get closer to it, it will be nice to see some familiar faces and share some miles!

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