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Free Speech and Point State Park

This could probably also be posted on “The Great and Secret Show” but for now, I’ll leave it here on Warhol’s Phone.

The City Paper is reporting that the ACLU is looking into the almost arrest of Green party activists at Point State Park.  Apparently, it is against DCNR regulations to distribute anything political in their parks without getting prior permission.  This line of the article made me laugh a lot:

Turns out the regs have been in place for nearly 40 years … but even the ACLU never noticed them:

Some things just go unnoticed.

It’s tough, I guess that I don’t know enough about the review process, and even if there will still be any kind of process in this whole mess.  Of course I think we need to protect our first amendment rights, but we also need to protect our natural resources, which is ultimately what the DCNR does.

How much of a bother are groups passing out literature or holding rallies in parks?  I guess that too, depends on the person.

So at the moment, I have a whole lot of nothing to add to this conversation, but that’s okay too, I just wanted to bring he matter to everyone’s attention.

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