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Moderators outline

 For the Marketing Research project, I was the focus group moderator, as I also was when I took Research for Public Relations and Advertising.  Shown here is my moderator's outline. 



5 minutes

Today we’ll be discussing your thoughts and opinions about the relationship between Steelers Training Camp and SVC.  Basically, we want to know whether holding Camp here is beneficial to the college by means of brand association.

§         In a discussion like this, there are no wrong answers, just differing points of view. 

§         We are interested in both positive and negative comments, and, in fact, sometimes the negative comments are the most helpful.

I want to stress that your remarks here tonight are strictly confidential.

§         The videotaping is exclusively for research purposes, and the only persons viewing the film will be the author or the research, the clients,  and me, the moderator.


Finally, some points about procedure:

§         We’ll proceed informally, on a first name basis.

§         My role is just to ask questions and listen.  I plan to move the discussion along through about 10 questions, but feel free to speak out if something occurs to you.  We aren’t rushed.

§         I’ve hardly glanced through the book and have no opinion myself.  This is your show.


Let’s begin with brief introductions around the table.  Tell us your name and one fact about yourself that you feel most identifies who you are?


10 minutes

1)      What are some of the characteristics about Saint Vincent College that made you decide to attend?


15‑20 min

2)   How much of an influence was the fact that Steelers Camp was held here have on your decision to look further into coming to SVC?

5 minutes

BREAK  (optional)



15 minutes

2)      How do you think we can attract prospective students using the Steelers icon in a presentation?


10 minutes

3)      What do you think are some of the positive aspects of having Camp here?  What are some of the negatives?


10 minutes

4)      If you could change anything about the Steelers affiliation with Saint Vincent College what would it be and why?



10 minutes

5)      Overall, do you think Saint Vincent should continue hold Camp here?


5 minutes

6)      Is this an adequate summary?


2 minutes

7)      Have we missed anything?


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