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This is the final report from my marketing research class.  We presented findings about the perceived brand association between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Saint Vincent College.  Seen below is the executive summary.


Executive Summary

I.                   Problem Definition

A question as to whether or not the Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp has a positive affect on Saint Vincent College was addressed.  More specifically, agnostic research was conducted to determine if brand affiliation with a popular icon, such as the Steelers, benefits Saint Vincent College in high school students’ college selection process.


II.                Research Design and Methodology

A one-way focus group among thirteen SVC freshmen was conducted to discover what topics about the association between SVC and the Steelers mattered to the students, and which topics do not matter.  Also, the research team interviewed an expert, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, on both his mixed reviews (strengths and weaknesses) of training camp, as well as his views on existing opportunities and threats of the relationship on a larger region scale.  Surveys were completed by a variety of SVC students and general public at mall intercept points in a fairly random selection process. Data was entered into SPSS to perform statistical analysis in testing our hypotheses, centering around the effects of Steelers Training Camp on SVC and if more should be done for SVC to benefit from the relationship. Eight statistical tests were performed, focusing on how camp makes people aware of SVC, appeal to potential students, is good marketing for SVC, and whether more publicity of camp is needed.


III.             Findings

The focus group did not provide much information that did not already fit our hypotheses – which is that students are neutral on considering SVC because of the Steelers association.  The depth interview provided us with the Archabbot’s view that media coverage of SVC should be increased, but probably will not be due to being a rural school.  However, he would like to increase the signage of SVC logos around camp for camera shots.  The statistical tests proved the following with 95% confidence:

1.      Forty percent of people feel that Camp makes SVC appealing to potential students.  Therefore, Camp does have some positive effect for SVC. [Single Test of Proportions]

2.      Forty percent of respondents feel that SVC should do more to publicize its relationship with the Steelers. [Single Test of Proportions]

3.      There were no significant differences between students and non-students attitudes, towards the Steelers and SVC relation. [2 Sample Proportions & 2 Sample Means t-Test]

4.      Respondents were generally neutral about whether or not SVC should do more to publicize its relationship with the Steelers. [Single Sample Test of Means]  Therefore, more publicity may not necessarily overall benefit nor hinder SVC.

5.        Among age groups, no significant differences existed among attitudes toward awareness, appeal, good marketing, and the need to publicize more. [One-Way ANOVA].

6.      If we can get more people to find Camp appealing to potential students through various activities, more importance will be given to the “Steelers Training Camp” in the college selection process. [Regression Analysis]

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