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O24 2020: Week 11

The heat came in this week, and there’s no sign of it breaking. So all my running has been late in the evening or early in the morning. Thank goodness for things like the GVRAT and the hope of O24, otherwise, I wouldn’t be running at all.

I did also take time on Sunday to finally buy a membership to the trail I do a lot of my miles on. I’m happy to support it and with the pandemic, it’s getting a lot more use (and there have been two fallen trees in the last week, just on the sections I frequent). Hopefully I can also get out sometime to help with cleanups and whatnot, but happy to start supporting something that’s been so awesome!

  • Monday: Rest.
  • Tuesday: 10 miles. Virtual Race for Pride, put on my a race management company that does a lot of awesome races here and in Cleveland. I will give them props too, I e-mailed them about this asking if they were going to be making a donation to a queer cause, and they actually decided to do that!
  • Wednesday: 8 miles. Speedwork: tempo: 18min/4R/12min.
  • Thursday: 5 miles.
  • Friday: 10 miles.
  • Saturday: Rest. Spent a good portion of the day in a pool, which was very nice!
  • Sunday: 22 miles. Got up as early as I could (after trying to sleep through the fireworks that everyone seemed to have purchased) and knocked this out on the trail. First half wasn’t too bad, although the humidity was awful. As soon as the sun came out, because it’s so cloudless, I was just baking. Got it done though, and faster than I thought I would.
  • Long run fuel: Tailwind, Skratch, Gu, Bobo’s bar.
  • BWF/Core work: Nothing this week, heat zapped me, I’ll try some more Zombies Run, The Home Front this week.
  • Stretching: Slowly getting back into it (with thanks to Netflix)
  • Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K progress (1021K): 456/634 miles. Still going, still motivated to run in the heat due to this, so it’s doing its job!
  • Runnsylvania 283 progress: 131/283 miles.

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