Today's Mighty Oak

How the mighty have fallen…that will probably be the title of my next column in the Review.

I got a cell phone.

However, let me clarify, it was under protest. It was given to me. I was kicking and screaming (metaphorically of course).

My friend gave it to me for free, I'm using the prepaid wireless plan (as I need more minutes, I buy more minutes at a kiosk, I kind of like it). If you want the number, let me know.

On a side note, I got to be Episcopalian again!

Happy Easter!

I got a fortunie cookie at dinner today:

"Spend your life lifting people up."

I still don't see how I'm supposed to believe that I'm important…

On a side note, The Review comes out on Tuesday (my column on the back page is incredibly funny…it includes flip-flops, me falling multiple times, Martha Stewart and rude freshmen).

Koinonia tommorrow!


Wow, what a week coming up.

I was in the Review office until 11:30 tonight. I did my PR homework and started the next issue of the Review. That goes to press Thursday night. Also on the slate this week, two exams (one Monday, one Friday), five hour-long meetings, two Koinonia meetings, working on the Plansbook for Yahoo!, Interpersonal homework, accounting homework, research homework (putting together a survey) and somewhere in there I have to have time to sleep…

Oh well, after this week I'll be good.

I'm so excited for Koinonia this weekend. It's going to be so great!

Oh well, off to bed where I can turn off…


I just got back from the Food Bank. We finished really fast, faster than the staff thought we could.

I'm going to take a nap then go to APO leads, I think it will be a good time.

Mary and I made an executive decision last night. Since Wimmer is the Palace, Gerry is now Versailles (last night I retired for the evening to my chateau at Versailles).

Later tonight, all I'm going to do is study Marketing Research. So probably not, but that is the plan…


Well, the 30 hour famine is in full swing. I'm a little bit hungry, but I keep drinking water. It's a good thing, no matter what the Catholics tell me, I'm doing something good by helping to feed the hungry (sorry, small point of contention).

I gave Zach his mp3 player today, he was very excited. I was glad to be able to help. I really wish I was more useful though…

I've been listening to "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" almost non-stop. Such beautiful music.

Well I'm off to bed, I'm getting up at 7:00 to go volunteer at the food bank.


Crazy day yesterday. I was running some errands before night class, so I had to go the Shack for dinner. In the process I fell. Really hard. It was great though, it just reinforced the wonderful stereotypes that rule this world…a group of blonde "popular" freshmen all laughed…only one person came over to help me pick up everything (including a lego dragon…yes). Although on a side note, two professors (I think) did ask if I was ok when I walked out of the Shack past them.

Work is coming along well on the Plansbook. I was doing the footer and pull-quotes yesterday. Lots of work to do though, but I don't mind.

Well, last two classes before the weekend and 30 hour famine!


I made a community for us SVC Hooligans…join up!

I don't know what we can do with a community, but I figured I'd try it out.

Well, I finsihed my second paper, my monthly observations for Interpersonal Communication. It's my favorite class this semester, it's taught me a lot about how I interact and how others interact. I've caught myself so many times since looking and conversations and speech so differently, such is education I suppose.

Such a crappy day, but it ended up not too bad (but still very glad it's over). I have plans to go to the Gristmill coffee house again, if you haven't gone, check it out (Get the chai, it's better than the Barista's).

I went to the laughter project today, I got to make play-dough, which I'm so excited to play with tomorrow. I also got to see the regurgitator, who I missed last year (I was camping, but I was still sad I missed him). He was so awwwesome. A bunch of us stayed around afterwards and tried to figure out how he did it (extra points to the bio majors).


Well, draft one of the Plansbook is done. We'll probably have eight more drafts before it goes to print, but it feels good to have signifigant work done.

Pretty horrible day, but I'm sure it was my own doing. Such is life though….I'm going to The Laugher Project in about ten minutes, I'll get to make play-dough and watch the regurgitator. Life is good.

I finally found an mp3 player for Zach! I also found a new one for me, they should be here in a few days, I'm excited…I'm going to see if the regurgitator will swallow my mp3 player tonight (he swallowed Zach's cell phone last year).


Cancelled class this morning. Although it is my favorite class this semester, so I was actually sad I didn't have it.

Work continues on the Yahoo! plansbook, its coming along pretty well.

Well, off I go, time to do some work in the office and homework and such. Enjoy the snow!


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