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“I almost had a psychic girlfriend, but she left me before we met.”

Quick update for everyone.  I’m working on finishing up my script for Script Frenzy.  Right now I have 13 pages left to go.  I’m hoping to finish it off today, we’ll see how that goes.

Last weekend was very exciting, here’s what happened: Thursday night I went to see RENT, which was amazing.  On the way out I also saw two drag queens, which I thought was very appropriate.  The next day I headed to a wedding out in Latrobe.  I google mapped the church, and got one in Ligonier.  I asked my friend who I was carpooling with to do the same, just to double check it, and we got the same place.  So, with fondue set in hand we headed out the door.  We get to the church and see very few cars, and instead a sign for a pork dinner.  Figuring we made a mistake we get back in the car and head to Rt. 982, which as it turns out, was where the church was.  We missed the procession, but that was it.

The reception was very nice, and we found a couple other people who did the same thing we did.  I crashed on her floor in Greensburg and then work up to go to Camp Anawanna in Amity (Washington County).  My GPS apparantly thought that I should take a bunch of one-lane, dirt roads through the back of Amity.  On the first day of trout season.  So that was an adventure!  Afterwards I met a friend at Washington Crown Center for lunch at Garfields.

All in all, an exciting weekend!  This weekend I was up at Heritage painting stuff to get ready for Conclave and summer camp.  It was a lot of fun, I’ll be going up a couple more times to help out.

Two pieces of media, the first, it looks like Trident is trying to get in on the Improv Everywhere scene with this rendeition of “Single Ladies” in England:

And it’s kind of done by this point, but Funny or Die put together a reaction to the Gathering Storm ad, and it not only includes Sarah Chalk (Scrubs), but also George Tikay!  I also have no idea if I spelled either of their names correctly, probably not.

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