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Media heavy update for everyone.  So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the movies, with commentary from me of course!

First up, I promised it, and here it is, a number from Silence, the Silence of the Lambs musical.  Obviously, it contains strong language and is just not safe for work (NSFW):

And in an almost complete 180, here is the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (movie/book six):

Now for things a bit more serious.  I have fun stories about this weekends festivities, and that recap will be coming soon.  For now, though, I’ll add some comments about the start to my weekend: Thursday night.  We went to see RENT, which was amazing!  I am so glad I got to see it while it was in town.  We hit up Tambalinni’s beforehand for dinner, which was very nice.

Leaving the theater, in the crowds of way too many people, i was passed by two drag queens.  Which I thought was very appropriate.  Which kind of brings me to my serious point (and more chances to put more videos in this post, I might be going for a record).

The county has been exploding (in a good way) over gay marriage the last couple weeks.  I’ve said it before, gay marriage is our generation’s segregation.  Not that I am trying to compare the two (well, I guess I kind of am), but in their own way, each is a civil right’s issue that I think defines an entire generation. Not that I think it’s an issue that needs to be forced down everyone’s throat either, especially religious organizations. They are free to make their own choices and set their own rules (hence the separation of church and state), but there are those that would (and do) go for marriage equality. And besides (another disjointed thought), many people say that a civil union is the same as a marriage. And while the government can grant civil unions, and I think they should, if they are so equal, why don’t those opponents trade their marriage for a civil union. Didn’t think so.

So what I find amusing, is now that Vermont, Iowa, Washington, D.C. and Seattle have made progress, the crazies start coming out.  Case in point, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM, which always makes me think of the lol cats and anytime they eat something going, “nom nom nom.”).  You’ve probably seen their storm ad that is floating around.  I’d like to bring your attention to some parodies instead.

Not bad, kind of dry in the delivery, but a fun spoof nonetheless.  Even better however, is this one from the Colbert Report.  Ok, I think I got it to embed. But no promises.  Follow this link just in case, it’s worth it!

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest

In the original, NOM talked about their 2M4M campaign (Rachel Maddow has a great clip looking at that phrase, as well as teabagging). And what really cracks me up, is that they started that campaign, without securing the domains!  So now, is a site supporting equal marriage rights (also running on Joomla by the way!).  I like the justice of that.  Here is their funny little sketch video:

I think it’s this video, but I could be wrong, that brings up one of my favorite arguments about gay marriage.  Opponents will often say that gay marriage will make straight marriage less meaningful.  Very sarcastically, I like to agree.  That yes, allowing gay marriage will totally make Brittney Spears’ 55-hour Vegas marriage less meaningful.  Sigh. So I keep coming back into this post to add things (and clean up and fix the code), and I just want to interject one more thing in here, because now I’m all riled up. I think the travesty is the fact that a straight couple can walk into a courthouse, flat out say they don’t love each other and are just getting married for monetary purposes, but my gay friends can’t get a marriage license when they finally find the person they want to settle down with. Again, sigh.

Ok, I’ve been up on my soapbox for too long.  And have posted way too many videos (I lied, there’s one more coming up).  Of course I’m biased, so this post obviously leans one way.  I do think it’s an important issue, and it’s exciting to see the tide turning.  In addition to the states and cities listed above, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that other countries around the world support marriage equality, including South Africa, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain (I think I got that list right).

So anyway, this was my little bit of activism.  It’s not very often that I do and public protests of any kind still scare the crap out of me.  Quick aside, when asked if I was going to go to the March for Life in D.C., I replied no.  Which was responded to the fact that they get counts ahead of time so that the city knows how many people to expect.  Which in my mind is so they can have enough tear-gas on hand.  That’s just how my mind works, and I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon, so I’ll stick to this blog for now.

And a bit lighter fare, today’s title comes from a song from the Daredevil soundtrack by The Calling (a favorite band of mine) called For You.  I’ve really liked this song for a while, I think a big part of it is the full orchestration.  Anyway, check out the video below if you want to listen:

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.  Catch everyone later!

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