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Race Report: Get Lucky Virtual 50/50

As is our new reality, this was my first race cancelled, which was a tune up for Eagle Up. So, I geared up, crewed myself and did it virtually on the jail trail and Frontrunner loops on Sunday.

The jail trail loop is 5.5 miles, and the Frontrunner loop is 4, so I planned on doing five jail trail loops and one Frontrunner loop, giving myself the option to stop at my car between each one. The day started out chilly, in the 20’s, so I was in a few extra layers I knew I would stop to take off.

Lap 1: Parked and got my things situated, using my vest filled with two bottles of Tailwind and I took off towards the South Side. Not many people out, but given the time, temperature and the social distancing, I wasn’t surprised. Got back to my car and decided to not stop, instead grabbing half of the Bobo’s Bar in my vest and kept going.

Lap 2: The sun started to peek out at times, and I thought about doing a clothing change for when I got back. Generally though, another pleasant loop, although my hips were tighter than I wanted, so I knew I’d be going slower than I wanted. Once I got back to my car, used the Porto, toiok off one torso layer, grabbed a handful of Pringles and ate the rest of my Bobo’s Bar.

Lap 3: Started to see a few more people, which was nice, and the sun was really coming out, so I spent most of this loop thinking about changing my clothes. Once I got back to my car I took off the pants (had shorts on underneath) and changed into thinner socks, which was a big help. Had a couple Pringles and a peanut butter packet.

Lap 4: Saw the president of the Frontrunners twice on this loop, which was a nice boost! Churning out the miles, still chugging along. At the end of the loop grabbed a ginger ale to stave off some stomach issues and fueled with half a Bobo’s bar. My headphones died on this loops, so I grabbed and paired my second pair when I was back at the car after a trip to the Porto.

Lap 5: saw a different member of the Frontrunners and stopped to do two quick good deeds: putting back a construction barrel from the middle of the road, and replacing a panel on one of the bike-share bikes. I started walking the bridges on this lap to give my legs a break. Grabbed some coke, Pringles and another peanut butter packet and headed out.

Lap 6: This was my short loop, which also meant leaving my car in the opposite direction. It was a nice change, even though it was only 1.5 miles shorter, but the change in direction and the new bridge was nice. Got back to my car, stopped my Strava and enjoyed being done, especially since there was a big increase in the number of people out on the trails.

Final time: 6:40:18. I had been hoping for sub 6, but having to crew myself, and the mental toll of *frantically waves at the world* I can say I’m not unhappy with my time.

Physical: Felt sore and tired, as expected. My hips were tighter from the start than I would have liked, and I think that made me slower. But maybe that’s a good thing, to take it slower than I could, this wasn’t my A race. Did develop one blister, which, all things considered, not bad to be my only injury after a race like this.

Crewing: I did better than I thought crewing for myself, I was generally really organized and did well thinking about what I’d need each time coming into my car. I spent a decent chunk of time looking for some band aids that I ultimately didn’t need, and hadn’t thought to pack ahead of time anyway. The back of my car is a little tight, but the totes helped a lot keeping things organized.

Next up: O24 is being rescheduled, but I don’t know the date yet. Eagle Up is looking less and less likely. Depending on how things play out in terms of scheduling, one of them will be my A race, but I’m sure they’ll both be later in the summer, meaning hotter and grosser and I’m going to hate it. I’m still following my training plan, and I made sure to take some good time off after this virtual.

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