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So sit back, get yourself a beer helmet filled with egg nog, and blend your turkey dinner into tasty holiday shake

Alright, first up in just a hate-filled move to distract from ongoing scandals ,the Pope randomly said that priests can’t bless same-sex marriages. Because he’s a monster. The Catholic Church is a hate group, full stop.

And on that note: Republicans hate America. We can’t be afraid to say it, it’s true.

Moving on to happy news, watch the new trailer or In The Heights, it’s so amazing (and early reviews are glowing):

In other amazing news, a man invented a machine to automatically compliment passing dogs!

Tennessee is literally trying to erase gay people from history, passing a bill banning any textbook with LGBT content.

England officially unveils the new 50 Pound Alan Turing note:

Perseverance took a selife with Ingenuity! And in other Mars news, we have video of the first flight ON ANOTHER PLANET!

Check out this cool 3D tour of the great pyramids!

The Pens battled the Sabres in the NHL’s first-ever joint Pride game, which was really cool to watch!

An amazing rendition of “Take On Me” which of course, reminds me of The Magicians:

In a positive move, and a rebuke to the Pope (see above), a group of German priests are blessing same-sex marriages.

And in other happy news, the House approved funding for the National Pulse Memorial ahead of the five-year anniversary of the attack.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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