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Alright, let’s see what’s going on today.

First up, posted by Clintus, and I love it:

Sometimes, people don’t realize what’s it like having a state religion.  England, of course, has one, and they have “surrendered” on marriage equality.

Meet Scooter the llama.  Who was tased by police after she spit in their face.

And finally, the new trailer for The Hobbit part 2:

There’s all kinds of info coming out of E3, but I’ll have to sort through it all, but suffice to say the new Smash Bros. is going to finally include Mega Man!

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I have today.  First up, from Better Book Titles, “The Colour of Magic” which is the first book of an amazing series:

If you haven’t watched it before, a short TED talk by Frank Warren of PostSecret.  Fun fact, whenever the conversation comes to who I could have dinner with if I could with anyone in the world, Warren is always on my list.  I saw him speak at Pitt and it was amazing, so check out the talk.

Good Old Games is finally able to offer the Quest for Glory series.  All five games!  I’m totally excited and going to be losing a lot of time to these (one and five are the best, in my opinion).  Such amazing games!

I’m trying to find a link, but the rumor I heard on a podcast is that in the upcoming Spiderman tie in game, if you preorder (I think from Amazon), you unlock the ability to play as Stan Lee in one of the levels.  Epic!

Awesome new blog from a jaded copywriter: Depressed Copywriter:

In case you care, which you shouldn’t, check out Bristol Palin’s response to Obama’s interview yesterday.  The irony will make you laugh out loud.  Or weep, probably both, actually.

And if you too need to ‘evolve’ on the issue, may I suggest this link.  I especially love images 4, 6 and 14

The staff of the Stranger got a plastic dinosaur and took lots of pictures with him!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back again soon, have a great one!


Lots of fun things, let’s see what I have today.

First up, this has been making it’s rounds, but check out the Drama Button:

Canada is awesome.  Case in point: glow in the dark, dinosaur quarters.  I know, right?!

Just remember kids, this is me:

I think parts of it look a little sloppy, and they got weird dialogue from him, but check out the awesome R2D2 cake:

Copyranter has boccie ads:


Next time, they need to at least use a tripod, but the new world-record for Rube Goldberg machines, from Purdue Engineering:

And lastly, Funny or Die hits it out of the park with this awesome (and NSFW) video (which I can’t embed, sorry).

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with more!

Another big update for everyone, hope you enjoy:

Following on the heels of my previous toaster update, check this out:


Think of all the money you could make on eBay!

I’m not a fan of Santorum, as it turns out, no one really is.  But even so, there are enough free fonts out there, you don’t need to steal any, Rick.

Unplggd has an awesome, if impractical, way to use old ethernet cords, take a look:


Remember when Florida passed the law requiring those getting aid to pass a drug test?  At a cost charged to those getting aid?  Well as it turns out, only 2% tested positive.  Compared to the entire population of Florida, which has a drug-use rate of over 8%.

I have no idea when Girl Scout Cookie time is, but here you go, the sales of the cookies, by variety:


Popular Mechanics has an awesome article showing three different ways to store your extension cords without them getting tangled.  If you have some time some weekend, it could be a fun project!

I don’t follow Dinosaur news that closely, however, I have to agree, this has been my favorite dinosaur for as long as I can remember:

Check out these awesome wedding pictures, make sure to scroll all the way down for the whole story.

I can’t add much more to this sign:


Or this one:


If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out BuzzFeed’s gallery of the destruction wrought by the East Coast earthquake.  I like number 18 the best.

Here’s the trailer for the book of the blueprints of the Star Wars universe:

And finally, I want to head to Sherwood’s in Fayette County, looks awesome!

Sooooooo, I’ve been incredibly sick as of late.  But, always looking for the silver lining, I learned what I’m allergic to by being prescribed a massive dose of it!  Yay!

So the CMS I use gave this article the same number as my college mailbox number, so exciting!  So anyway, here’s some fun things for you:

Here’s the “official” 140 character description of LOST:

Check out this cool ad, although I’m honestly more impressed with a cell phone in a wooden shell:

I saw this on my phone, and it’s not circulating around Facebook.  Mad Elf is amazing (and really high ABV), but I don’t know how much of a case Troegs’ has.  Guess we will see.

Zombies are now walking on the Wisconsin State Capital in protest of Scott Walker!  Check it out:

Listen, the first one of my friends who has kid around 6 or so (that’s just a guess), has to buy them this shirt:

No exceptions.

Well, this is infuriating.  Also, alarmingly scary that over 30 states have laws like this.

So up in Maine, the Republican governor was so incensed by a mural depicting the labor in his state, he had it removed (which I guess is now angering the people who put up the money for it, but that’s a legal battle for another day).  I think this is a fantastic way of protesting (it’s not a bad mural, although I’m not a huge fan of the colors used or art style, but hey, that’s not the point):

Infuriated by the police blaming the victim in sexual assault cases, in Toronto, a “Slut Walk” was organized, with over 2,000 people attending.

Copyranter wrote about a previous Hot Wheels installation, putting two giant kids on the side of the highway, watching the road like it was their track.  This one is better though, and it’s been picked up by a lot of sites:

The giant news that has overtaken my twitter and Facebook feeds is that the next Batman will be doing some filming here in Pittsburgh, probably in July.  Nerdist has a great article about the inevitable reboot that is set to happen after this third movie.  Go over and read “Reboot Rage.”

Also, did you know that there is a rise in the need of exorcists?  Who knew?  What can’t the Internet do?

Okay, story time!  First watch this video:

First, I have to mention that one of the comments on YouTube brings up a good question, what about pajamas?  But anyway, we had a group that was using the conference center that I was helping to get a quote and put together their permit for their stay.  They actually split off from another group that used the same facility because the original group decided that women were in fact allowed to wear pants.  As they were explaining their new name to me (so we could get all the paperwork straightened out), they were trying to pull me into the theological discussion.  I quickly left under the guise of putting their check in the safe and drawing up their permit.  Good gravy.

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll continue to feel better, catch everybody later!

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