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when you ingest chemicals that are bad for you, your body alerts you by dying.

Another big update for everyone, hope you enjoy:

Following on the heels of my previous toaster update, check this out:


Think of all the money you could make on eBay!

I’m not a fan of Santorum, as it turns out, no one really is.  But even so, there are enough free fonts out there, you don’t need to steal any, Rick.

Unplggd has an awesome, if impractical, way to use old ethernet cords, take a look:


Remember when Florida passed the law requiring those getting aid to pass a drug test?  At a cost charged to those getting aid?  Well as it turns out, only 2% tested positive.  Compared to the entire population of Florida, which has a drug-use rate of over 8%.

I have no idea when Girl Scout Cookie time is, but here you go, the sales of the cookies, by variety:


Popular Mechanics has an awesome article showing three different ways to store your extension cords without them getting tangled.  If you have some time some weekend, it could be a fun project!

I don’t follow Dinosaur news that closely, however, I have to agree, this has been my favorite dinosaur for as long as I can remember:

Check out these awesome wedding pictures, make sure to scroll all the way down for the whole story.

I can’t add much more to this sign:


Or this one:


If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out BuzzFeed’s gallery of the destruction wrought by the East Coast earthquake.  I like number 18 the best.

Here’s the trailer for the book of the blueprints of the Star Wars universe:

And finally, I want to head to Sherwood’s in Fayette County, looks awesome!

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