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that’s like taking an alcoholic to a liqour store and saying “be free!”

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I have today.  First up, from Better Book Titles, “The Colour of Magic” which is the first book of an amazing series:

If you haven’t watched it before, a short TED talk by Frank Warren of PostSecret.  Fun fact, whenever the conversation comes to who I could have dinner with if I could with anyone in the world, Warren is always on my list.  I saw him speak at Pitt and it was amazing, so check out the talk.

Good Old Games is finally able to offer the Quest for Glory series.  All five games!  I’m totally excited and going to be losing a lot of time to these (one and five are the best, in my opinion).  Such amazing games!

I’m trying to find a link, but the rumor I heard on a podcast is that in the upcoming Spiderman tie in game, if you preorder (I think from Amazon), you unlock the ability to play as Stan Lee in one of the levels.  Epic!

Awesome new blog from a jaded copywriter: Depressed Copywriter:

In case you care, which you shouldn’t, check out Bristol Palin’s response to Obama’s interview yesterday.  The irony will make you laugh out loud.  Or weep, probably both, actually.

And if you too need to ‘evolve’ on the issue, may I suggest this link.  I especially love images 4, 6 and 14

The staff of the Stranger got a plastic dinosaur and took lots of pictures with him!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back again soon, have a great one!


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