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Alright, let’s see what we have today, first up, the new Google ear buds are going to change the world with live translations.

Stan Lee takes a stand against bigotry.

Fitz and the Tantrums’ new song is my new jam:

A touching tribute to Matthew Shepherd.

And speaking of, the politician who was saved by a married lesbian spoke at a convention dedicated to taking away her rights.

Oh hey, so did the president.  The first to do so.  He spoke at a convention that has discussed ways to pass legislation to put gay men to death.  Let that sink in.

Also in the horror show that is this administration, Jeff Sessions has rescinded protections for trans* people.

The president has also removed all mention of the queer community from the Health and Human Services department, meaning no mention of queer focused health initiatives.

And Jeff Sessions rescinded other protections for all members of the queer community.  These are things that affect people you love.  Be fucking pissed.

Okay, quick pallet cleanser.  The new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey takes the form of a Big Band musical number:

After the horrific shooting in Vegas, just a reminder that your thoughts and prayers do jack shit.  We need comprehensive gun control in this country, including a rescinding of the second amendment.

It boggles my mind that it takes something personally happening to someone for them to take action.  It is not that hard to actually think about other people and try to imagine a better world for them, as well as yourself.  But, predictably, when gun violence is close to a gun fanatic, suddenly, he realizes his mistake.  It infuriates me that it takes a tragedy like this for him to realize how wrong he is, but hey, at least he came around I guess.  I just won’t be patting him on the back for his sudden realization.

A Dutch news program takes on (with dark humor) the insanity that we live with here in the US:

Okay, the graphic designers have gotten a hold of the US map.

Speaking of graphic designers, a great SNL skit about fonts:

And if you can believe it, the man who created Papyrus, responds!

Stranger Things 2 (or the second season, not sure what to call it) looks amazing:

The president rolls back the mandate for birth control under health care, because he wants to drive up abortion rates, the cost of healhtcare and get rid of preventative medicine.  Just kidding, he’s a racist and since it is both something Obama put into place and a GOP wet-dream, it’s gone.

And I’ll just drop this here, the 10 things you need to know about Patriotism:

In good medical news, due to PrEP, there has been a huge drop in new HIV cases in England (where it was studied).

And finally, the amazing trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

Alright, let’s see what we have today, a bit of a longer update, and lots of videos:

Because it’s a shit show, the president’s newest judicial nominee thinks trans* kids are part of ‘Satan’s plan.’

In the spirit of Halloween, the Internet thinks that Pennywise and the Babbadook should date.  Awwwww.

The new Wes Anderson movie:

Need a game to play to unwind?  Play some font games!

Pittsburgh gets its own Drag Queen Story Hour!

Netflix sends an awesome “Stranger Things” cease and desist letter.

Birds made into a musical composition:

David S. Pumpkins will return!

Billy Crystal is right, Miracle Max and Valerie do need their own spin off!

The new trailer for The Punisher is intense:

Wesley Woods is interviewed about him calling out the white privilege of a certain gay porn actor.

The Satanic Temple is amazing.  They have announced that if the current prevails and bakers can deny gay couples wedding cakes, they’ll demand cakes for Satan.  Because religious freedom.

You guys, the floor is lava.  No really, THE FLOOR IS LAVA:

In good news, the US Census will add back in a question about sexual orientation, reversing the decision to effectively erase LGBT citizens (and any possibility of funding for resources).

The superintendent at an Air Force prep school said, in no uncertain terms, that racism has no place in his school.

I don’t have Amazon Prime, but I listen to this podcast, I’m super excited it’s being turned into a show:

Edie Windsor, who recently died, was known for her fight for marriage equality.  But she was also a computer science whiz!

An Australian pizza shop trolls the anti-gay billboard next to it.  However, I disagree, pineapple can go on pizza!

This is the trailer for a zombie Christmas musical that legit looks amazing:

Russell Tovey, of Looking, fame, will play The Ray in the Arrowverse.

Dale Hansen, sportcaster from Texas known for his amazing viral videos, does it again.

The federal government is set to argue that gay workers should not have any workplace protections, although they’ll be arguing this against other parts of the federal government.  This is a hugely important case, and one that I’m worried about.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, lots more to post today, and I’ll be back with more as I finish catching up with everything from November, but let’s see what I have.

First up, the 2012 election in one photo

Fun and snarky (and not real by the way):

So this exists.  Read the reviews, it’s worth it.

Fun ad for Durex.  Well done, and strange to watch in slow motion.

The most memorable AR campaigns of the last year.

The trailer for Decay, when the Higgs Boson creates Zombies:

See, it’s not just me talking about fonts.  Don’t use these ones.  Please.

Have you been following along the “adventures” of John McAffe?  Seriously, it’s all kinds of crazy.

I can’t wait to try this out:

A roundup of some of the best Tumblrs of the year.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back again soon.  Have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I’ve found today.  First up, this pretty awesome wallet.  Although the guts of it are too simple for me:


Apartment Therapy has pics and vids of an amazing Star Wars barrel organ, check it out.

Here are the highlights from SpaceX’s Dragon’s dock with the ISS:

Buzzfeed has a list of six really cool pieces of street art, I’m a fan of numbers 2 and 4.

And this amazing promo item from Comic Con:

A very good, and heart-wrenching ad from the Clio’s:

Okay, one more video, this is the lineup for the next rollout of The Nerdist shows on youtube, looks amazing:  

Well, let’s see what I have today for you, still going through a lot of my archives, but some pretty awesome stuff in here.

First up, Ellen performs the audio book of 50 Shades of Grey:

The Carnegie should take their cues from this NYC museum.

Presumably the call to action is over, but look at how cute the penguins are!

One of the designers of The Guild shows the building process for some of the props for the character costumes.  Pretty awesome.

Science makes a big leap forward in time cloaking…or something like that.

The Apple store in Paris is all kinds of awesome:


Wow, Mario can die in all kinds of ways.

So very, very true:

And lastly, what could have been a really bad situation turns into awesome:


One more thing I wanted to add, check out this amazing concept for new airships:

More things for you (and then probably just one or two more big posts like this this weekend):

Cool Russian PSA for reading:


I thought I posted about this before, but maybe I didn’t, how awesome are these pools:

Now you can use a typewriter to make a painting.  Pretty awesome, but I think it would take too long and turn out being a bit pixelated (although it would be a cool style)

From Copyranter, we’ve finally found Snooki’s doppleganger:


File this under irony.  And asshatery.  Music used in an anti-piracy ad was pirated.

Also from Copyranger, this Billboard popped up here in Pa.  And I love it:


There are a lot of Nintendo characters.  Check out a mural of a ton of them here.

There is some really awesome art around the Occupy Movement.  Check it out here.  I’m a fan of this one:


Because it has to do with typesetting, I loved this issue of Gutters, go check it out.

That’s it for now, back in a bit!


Another fun update for everyone, hope you enjoy!

Amazing XKCD wedding cake:

XKCD web comic wedding cake 

And some other cook cakes from Nerdist.

I’m not sure if this is somehow connected to the book about the Subway system, but there is an indy documentary about the font “Helvetica.”  I need to find a way to see this!

Lifehacker has a good article about how to protect you stuff.  I especially like the idea of setting up a fake porn folder with your contact and reward information on a flash drive.  Genius!  And here is their article about free apps, check it out.

This is scary, there are squid that can jump out of the water.

Hardcore Gaming, which is a strangely very static, web 1.0 type of site, ran an article a while back about Myst.  Check it out if you’re interested, and haven’t heard enough about it from me before.

Here’s a cool video about what if Mozilla made a cell phone:

Need to mix up your board games?  This book will help.

Here’s the projected timeline of the death of newspapers around the world.  We’ll see how this plays out.

And finally, a week without Facebook?  MSNBC tries it out.

Another big update for everyone, hope you enjoy:

Following on the heels of my previous toaster update, check this out:


Think of all the money you could make on eBay!

I’m not a fan of Santorum, as it turns out, no one really is.  But even so, there are enough free fonts out there, you don’t need to steal any, Rick.

Unplggd has an awesome, if impractical, way to use old ethernet cords, take a look:


Remember when Florida passed the law requiring those getting aid to pass a drug test?  At a cost charged to those getting aid?  Well as it turns out, only 2% tested positive.  Compared to the entire population of Florida, which has a drug-use rate of over 8%.

I have no idea when Girl Scout Cookie time is, but here you go, the sales of the cookies, by variety:


Popular Mechanics has an awesome article showing three different ways to store your extension cords without them getting tangled.  If you have some time some weekend, it could be a fun project!

I don’t follow Dinosaur news that closely, however, I have to agree, this has been my favorite dinosaur for as long as I can remember:

Check out these awesome wedding pictures, make sure to scroll all the way down for the whole story.

I can’t add much more to this sign:


Or this one:


If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out BuzzFeed’s gallery of the destruction wrought by the East Coast earthquake.  I like number 18 the best.

Here’s the trailer for the book of the blueprints of the Star Wars universe:

And finally, I want to head to Sherwood’s in Fayette County, looks awesome!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everybody!  And since he was a proponent of civil rights, I’ll start with a link from the LA Times about the Prop 8 trial:

Many opponents of same-sex marriage argue that it violates God’s will. Maybe theirs. My God doesn’t fret about homosexuality. And I figure if gays and lesbians can gain some comfort and happiness from formal marriage, then let them. Congratulations and good luck.

Andrew Sullivan jumps in with statistics about divorce, and, brilliant as always, the Onion jumps into the fray as well.

I think Parkour is really graceful and beautiful to watch, this video puts it in flip book form, which just blow my mind:

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Nevada just registered the first male prostitute after a change in the laws allowed it to happen.  Although, after reading the interview, he’s either stretching (he compared himself to Rosa Parks, yes, really) or just really dumb.  I can’t quite figure it out.  I started the link on the second page of the interview, which is where it starts to really get weird.

Here’s a cool spoof ad (complete with lots of swearing, so NSFW).  Although I really shoudln’t talk, if the iPhone was on Verizon, I’d get one (mostly for the ability to play Myst):

Slate takes a look at the new Domino’s ad, which I happen to like, probably a little bit more than Slate does.  Check it out here.

I’m a bit behind posting this, but if you haven’t seen it, enjoy:

It’s a little old news, but I didn’t post about it, and it still blow my mind, Slog put together a comprehensive list of the past administration (and Gulliani) trying to deny that 9/11 happened on their watch.  My brain huts a lot when I try to comprehend this kind of logic.

Here’s a cool video about the power of images (and graphic designers).  It reminds me a lot of the theory we discussed in my communication classes, if you’re interested in seeing more, check out

Speaking of technology and how it changes us, Patrick has a great article about how technology can bring strangers together.  A frightening situation, but an awesome use of the web.  Also, I may have linked to this one already, I can’t remember.

Here’s a new site I found, all about fonts.  I’m geeking out a little bit.

Alright, I think that’s it for now, have a great one!

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