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Alright, let’s see what we have today. First up, the stories behind the names of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

The stories within stories: the fictional books we wished were real.

The recurring jokes of Arrested Development.

New Looney Tunes are coming to HBO Max and this is making me want to subscribe:

The PG (granted, it’s become a right-wing rag on the editorial side) has a neat interactive site about the bridges of Pittsburgh. Note this may be behind a paywall, I think it was one of my three free articles when I read it.

Dolly Parton secretly executive produced Buffy! And we just now found this out!

A DM and a set designer created a DnD adventure in a dresser! Each drawer is new level of the dungeon!

We’ve all been doing a lot of virtual exploration of place, and the British Museum recently revamped their online collections.

Speaking of, need some peace in your life? Check out the livestream of the Northern Lights!

Because there is such a need for blood right now, the FDA has reluctantly allowed itself to accept blood from gay men, as long as we don’t have sex for three months. They still don’t want our blood, but they realize they need it.

The Atlantic has a great piece about pandemic fatigue, how we should approach it both in ourselves and others. The article also covers the similarities between COVID and the HIV pandemic: they’re very, very similar, just on a different time scale. Be kind to yourself and others, be as smart and safe as you can.

Also in Pandemic related content, CGP Grey’s new video about it. While I will disagree, I think that for many, just surviving is enough (instead of creation of coming out ‘better’ in some way), this video has great tips about how to survive our new reality:

Dumb Runner, The Onion of running, hits it on the head: Local runner cancels backyard marathon, refuses to offer refund.

New research shows that Antarctica used to be a rain forest. Global tectonics and climate history really are awesome!

The voice of Big Thunder Mountain looks exactly how you think he does. And that is comforting.

The trailer for the new Netflix show ‘Hollywood” looks really fun:

Myst is set to become a TV Series….for the third (?) time. I’m excited, but will believe it when I see it.

Slog has great coverage of the white privilege of protesting stay at home orders. Worth a read.

An artist created a chandelier that forms as it collects rain water, and it’s beautiful!

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back soon, have a great one!

Couple things for everyone.  First up, the Old Spice man is going to be coming back!  Check it out:

Jesse Ventura, previous governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler is suing the TSA.  Thank goodness somebody is.

Here is a list of all the movies nominated for best pictures, and what their posters would have looked like if they were honest.  Here’s my favorite:

Dan Savage is getting a pilot for MTV.  And I’m freaking excited!

And apparently Canada is just as behind the times as the U.S. is.  Once again, they are trying to remove the ban on gay blood donation.

Here is a mashup I never thought I’d see: Ferris Bueller and Fight Club:

This is kind of amazing, and scary.  A woman in the UK had certain connections in her brain burned out by a laser, because they were too active and were causing her depression.

Did you watch the State of the Union?  How about all the match-making on with it?  While I like the idea behind it, I am kind of sad that it actually turned into celebrity match-making.  Sigh:

Do we really have to have this fight again?  There is no link between violent video games and violent action in the real world.  Otherwise, I’d be out killing people with a lightsaber every single weekend.

Want to learn about a subject quickly?  Try Qwiki.  It’s still in testing, but really cool.

That’s it for now, catch everyone later!

Couple things for everyone real quick before I get back to work.  Firstly, Mika sings the title track from the upcoming movie, Kick Ass:

Here’s a bunch of Glee spoilers, all kinds of awesome things in there, including the fact that Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris will be doing an Aerosmith duet, and this gem of a line cut from Sue’s part:

“I will kick you square in the vagina.”

Although to be fair, I did like the one with the manhole cover, and the one with a top hat, it was classy!
The Guild Season 3 is now being released on youtube (and DVD and iTunes), check out the trailer:
And on a related note, here is a great series on how to make Codex’s staff.  Check out Felecia Day and her use of power tools!  She makes the Sears’ Blue Crew proud!
Best.  Cuckoo.  Clock.  Ever.:
Would you like to know more about Daylight Savings Time?  Of course you would!
The government is finally moving forward a little bit on the issue of gay blood donation.  Here’s what I don’t understand.  Why is it only if someone has had homosexual sex since 1977?  What happened in 1977 that made blood after that unsafe?  What if a couple was having sex at midnight from December 1976 going into January 1977?  So many questions, so little thought.  Also, hemophelia groups? I didn’t even know that was a word.
And finally, another video!  This one for an academy award nominated movie:

Alright, I’m finally starting to go through everything from last month, let’s see how much I can cram into this one post before it gets too unwieldy or I get lost and confused.  I’ll try to break up the links with images and videos, so read and click away!

I’ve followed the story here and abroad for a while because I’ve found it extremely interesting, but it seems that now gay men can donate bone marrow in Canada.  Another step in the right direction for Canada, we’ll see how long it takes the U.S. to follow.  Sweden also recently ended their ban on gay blood donation.

I kind of like Lady Gaga’s music, and even though she sometimes comes off as bat-shit crazy, she really is a good person.  Seen here, she meets Queen Elizabeth II, obviously knowing when to pick her publicity/battles.  I wonder what she would be called if she was ever given the title “lady”?

This is kind of crazy, but strands of tiger DNA has been found in the AIDS virus.  From what I’ve read, it is thought that HIV/AIDS came from monkeys (I think), so I’m not sure how this fits in with research and whatnot.  But in a giant breakthrough, researchers have found that stem cells can kill HIV, or at least, have the proof of concept.

Have you seen the Wii’s holiday ad, I really like it:

Are you in a dire situation?  Just hit the button.

If you haven’t seen it, PostSecret’s new video is pretty amazing:

PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God from Frank Warren on Vimeo.

The Episcopal Church elected its first openly lesbian bishop.  Canterbury isn’t too happy, I can’t even imagine (or care for that matter) what ex-bishop Duncan is saying.

When you click through to see Yale students protesting some evangelical preacher on their campus, make sure to see how many categories on his sandwich board you fall into.  Obama voters, Dirty Dancers (really?), Hindus, Feminists…you’re all on there.  And going to hell, apparently.  Like I always say, it will be a party, and we’re all apparently invited!

And here is a picture of my favorite protester, Chris Pesto from Syracuse:

This link from Gizmodo, is an awesome cheat sheet for buying a new TV, check it out if you’re in the market.

I think the evangelical preacher at Yale would like this link.  It ends up making me angry if I read too much, but if you want to see the hilarious things that people worry about, namely, people working retail during December that would dare to with you “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.”  Stupid people aren’t allowed to believe things that I don’t.  Currently the most offensive, GAP, mostly due to their awesome commercials.  Here’s an example:

I am absolutely sickened by the new Gap commercial comparing Christmas to Solstice and “do what you like”. I will NOT shop at the Gap, Old Navy, or their sister stores any more nor will my teenagers. …

And here’s the commerical

I’m liking the campaign mostly because it’s pissing off the right so much.  And from what I can gather, a direct response to the right after they pulled shenanigans back in the fall.

Speaking of good ads, I love this one:

As well as this campaign for Levi’s:

Also, this one for Discovery Channel:

Someone alert the Russians, vodka is now available in pill form.

I’ll go ahead and say no, progress bars on traffic lights is not a good idea.  But interesting idea though.

The Catholic diocese of St. Louis sent $10,000 to Maine to help overturn their marriage equality law.  I have a big post coming up for that, with all kinds of links and updates, really everything that has happened since NaNoWriMo, and the election at the beginning of November.  People are now protesting the diocese of St. Louis, but truth be told, $10,000 was just a drop in the bucket.  It will make your skin crawl, stay tuned.

Dollhouse may be cancelled, but their marketing is just really starting up (thanks a lot, Fox), here is Rossum’s November ad:

I don’t understand this at all, how it works, or even that it could be done.  Scientists have trapped a rainbow, and my mind just exploded a little bit.

I found this song on a mix CD that I’ve had for a while, and I’m really liking it, although the music video leaves a lot to be desired:

If I was in Seattle, I would go here, and blow up golf balls and use cannons for mini-golf!  I would go there a lot.

This has been making its rounds, and it rocks:

And since it is the end of the decade, we’ll be getting lot of these vidoes.  Although I think this left out a lot of stuff, it’s a good start.

Ok, one more video then I’ll break it up a little bit.  This video made me like Martha Stewart a lot.  It’s a good thing:

If you liked Harry Potter, or even if you didn’t, you should really read The Magicians, I read it, and could not put it down, and was really hoping there would be more than one, but as of now, it’s a one off book.  However, you should pick it up, it examines what a magical world would be like if it was college, instead of a prep school, and the hazards and problems young adults have to face instead of teenagers.  Check out this article from io9 about it if you’re interested, and you should be.

Ok, I think that’s it for now, sorry for the length, although there is still a lot more for me to go through and post for you.  I’ll be back with more soon, enjoy the day!

All kinds of things to pass on this time.  We’ll start with a new funeral for Edgar Allen Poe.  Kind of cool that he’ll get a proper funeral.  Still kind of creepy.  Point of reference: my bamboo plant is named Edgar and my desk plant is named Poe (Allen was Cat’s bamboo who is dead), and Poe is the inspiration for my favorite beer,  New Holland’s Poet.

Mika has a new video, this one for “Blame it on the Girls.”  However, the second single from his new CD is going to be Rain.  Unless this was already released as a single and I missed it, kind of strange to do a video for it, but still a lot of fun.  I’ve desribed this song as half hip-hop, half flaminco.  Check it out:

I’ve been following this story for a bit, and now it looks like the right to donate blood is going to court, at least in Canada.  And the FDA is looking at the ban here in the U.S.

Just as the last of Polaroid film is set to expire, it is announced that it is coming back.  I’m actually excited for this, the Polariod is very iconic, and I’m glad to see it come back from the dead.

Yep, there’s a Rep for that.

So I’ve been looking for a new computer once Windows 7 comes out later this month.  I’ve looked at HP”s and Gateway’s.  Now I found a Sony I really like.  Check it out here.

Looking for a new , fun blog that may at some point be bought by icanhazcheeseburger?  Try Acronyms Sometimes Suck (ASS).

Here’s a great article from io9 about the relationships brough to us by Joss Whedon.  Caution, possible spoilers about Firefly.

Here’s a cool graph charting job losses.  Check out Pittsburgh, we were doing great until we literally got swallowed up by other cities.

An artist takes over the screens at a New York Best Buy.  Pretty cool, I kind of wish this would happen more often.

I really liked this sketch from SNL last night:

And finally today, here is the original painting.  You can hover your mouse over to get more information about all the people and objects in the piece.  And here is the updated version, including a cameo by Emperor Palpetine!

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Some people have been dreading this day, some have been looking forward to it, most don’t have a clue.  What is today you ask?  The day this CD arrived from Amazon (yes, I used Amazon so I could get the special edition with the DVD, stop judging):

I tend to like the live version of “Rain” better, but the studio version is also very good.  I apologize in advance to whoever will be in my car.

So, I love zombies.  I really do.  However, even I know that this blog is unnecessary.  Altough, maybe I’m looking at it wrong, maybe I should stop being so discriminatory and include the undead in the fight for equality.  I have some soul-searching to do.

Speaking of soul searching, the Vatican could use some more of it.  Because it’s ok that anywhere between 1.5% and 5% of clergy are invovled in sexual abuse, at least they aren’t the worst!  I’m just imagining (as he’s been called elsewhere and I happen to love but for different reasons) Pope Nazipants pointing at a walking-by Rabbi like the monkey in the closet from Family Guy.

Another hat tip to Joe. My. God., he posted this video which is making its rounds:

I knew a lot of the videos, but certainly not all of them, probably not even half.  It’s still fun to watch and pick out favorites though.

Also from youtube, this video is spreading, and was apparantly made in only one take:

And finally today, I know that the U.S. has the same type of restrictions, but never realized that so did Canada.  I have to agree with Freeman, everyone is at risk for HIV and other diseases that would casue blood to be tainted.  Read the story here.

Whoops!  I forgot to add this: I’ll once again be participating in Blog Action Day.  Here’s the fun little promo badge.  Look for my take on climate change (since I’ve never, ever talked about it before…/sarcasm), on October 15:

That’s it for now I think.  More links and whatnot coming soon, have a great one!

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