Today's Mighty Oak

in the words of FMG, “i’m off to “eff” the ineffable”

Some people have been dreading this day, some have been looking forward to it, most don’t have a clue.  What is today you ask?  The day this CD arrived from Amazon (yes, I used Amazon so I could get the special edition with the DVD, stop judging):

I tend to like the live version of “Rain” better, but the studio version is also very good.  I apologize in advance to whoever will be in my car.

So, I love zombies.  I really do.  However, even I know that this blog is unnecessary.  Altough, maybe I’m looking at it wrong, maybe I should stop being so discriminatory and include the undead in the fight for equality.  I have some soul-searching to do.

Speaking of soul searching, the Vatican could use some more of it.  Because it’s ok that anywhere between 1.5% and 5% of clergy are invovled in sexual abuse, at least they aren’t the worst!  I’m just imagining (as he’s been called elsewhere and I happen to love but for different reasons) Pope Nazipants pointing at a walking-by Rabbi like the monkey in the closet from Family Guy.

Another hat tip to Joe. My. God., he posted this video which is making its rounds:

I knew a lot of the videos, but certainly not all of them, probably not even half.  It’s still fun to watch and pick out favorites though.

Also from youtube, this video is spreading, and was apparantly made in only one take:

And finally today, I know that the U.S. has the same type of restrictions, but never realized that so did Canada.  I have to agree with Freeman, everyone is at risk for HIV and other diseases that would casue blood to be tainted.  Read the story here.

Whoops!  I forgot to add this: I’ll once again be participating in Blog Action Day.  Here’s the fun little promo badge.  Look for my take on climate change (since I’ve never, ever talked about it before…/sarcasm), on October 15:

That’s it for now I think.  More links and whatnot coming soon, have a great one!

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