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Training week 1

I’ll have a longer post up soon about my state of running and what I’m potentially training for, but in the meantime, here’s my first week back on a training plan!

  • Monday: Rest.
  • Tuesday: 7 miles. Tiny loops.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles. Tiny loops in new shoes!
  • Thursday: 7 miles. Tiny loops in the rain with a friend!
  • Friday: Rest.
  • Saturday: 5 miles on a new trail! Hit up the Five Star trail in Greensburg on my way out to Ligonier. I parked at the Trolley Lane access and went north to the Route 30 underpass. Spoke with a cyclist after, he suggested going the other way for a more scenic view, so I may do that next!
  • Sunday: 12 miles. Glad to be back on the Westmoreland Heritage Trail. Was able to start my run in between the rain, although it really opened up on the way back, so the last five miles were really wet.
  • BWF/Core work: Zombies, Run! Home Front mission with Peter.
  • Stretching: I did my stretching routine after every run! Glad to be in the habit of doing it, it’s much needed.

I’m still working on my race report for Pink Lightning, I promise!

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