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GAP Trail Relay week 12

Race week!  My last couple runs, picking up of rental cars, packing of bags and vehicle totes and hitting the road for a new adventure!

  • Monday – Four miles
  • Tuesday – Eight miles, as well as getting all set up for the Smartr Study, so I got my FitBit and Nokia scale.  The nutritionalist I met with answered a lot of questions, and as I found out, she’s a runner too!  She wanted to hear all about the GAP relay after, and she’s heading out to California to run her first half pretty soon!
  • Wednesday – Three miles – My last miles before the race, just an easy shake out run.
  • Thursday – Rest – Drive down to Cumberland for packet pickup, runner social, safety meeting and trying to find some sleep the night before the race.
  • Friday-Saturday – GAP Trail Relay.

I’ll be back with a full race report!

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