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Pfitz 12/47 Week 7

Late getting this out, sorry about that!

  • Monday: Rest. Travel day back from Sleepy Hollow.
  • Tuesday: 9 miles.
  • Wednesday: Rest.
  • Thursday: 10 miles. Ran both Frontrunners courses and the two mile mini loop around the Cathedral of Learning for a lovely evening.
  • Friday: 4 miles: 10x100m strides. Was supposed to do 8 miles, but my stomach was not cooperating, added this miles in next week.
  • Saturday: 13 miles, progression run. Really proud of this run! Nailed the last three miles at 9:25, 9:02 and 8:52 paces, and a total of 2:10:12. My goal for the half is sub 2:10, so I’m hoping that with dropping the hammer earlier, as well as race day energy, I’m setting myself up nicely to hit that goal!
  • Sunday: 5 miles.
  • Strength: No time this week to do any workouts, back at it in the future, promise!
  • Stretching: I’ve been doing my full stretch/IT band/knee rehab routine after each run, although I did miss two this week, but I’m getting back into better habits!

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