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Pfitz 12/47 Week 8

Another week of training complete, lots of things moved around so I ended up running every day!

  • Monday: 4 miles. Made up missed miles from a run the week before and joined the Frontrunners on a run to Southern Tier brewing!
  • Tuesday: 7 miles.
  • Wednesday: 7 miles: 2 sets of 4x150m strides.
  • Thursday: 4 miles, 3x100m strides.
  • Friday: 10 miles. Headed down to Schenley and did some loops which took me (unknown until it happened) through Phipps’ trick or treating and Pitt’s homecoming.
  • Saturday: 10 miles.
  • Sunday: 700m. Corndog League event 3: Fare and Back Again! Running with a stuffed cat, pumpkin and bedsheet (ghost costume) and generally confusing the other people at the track.
  • Strength: No time this week to do any workouts, back at it in the future, promise!
  • Stretching: I’ve been doing my full stretch/IT band/knee rehab routine after most runs, but do need to do better at it.

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