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The Stations of the Cross

Artist Mary Button makes a new series of station of the cross paintings each year, and in 2012 (I believe) she created “The struggle for LGBT Equality.”

Having gone to a Catholic college (and even winning a Tony Danza Award, for Best Pacifist in a Violent Scene…in a Jesus Play), I have some exposure to the stations of the cross, but they’ve never been a huge part of my life.

However, I love Mary’s style, and really appreciate the history she put into this series, so I put it goether in a short video below.

Maundy Thursday is my favorite day of the liturgical calendar, mostly because it is so different than everything else, as well as the ‘oh shit’ ending it has (much like, say, The Empire Strikes Back or The Goblet of Fire). Our church going is now all virtual for the time being, but I at least wanted to finally bring some attention to this amazing series.

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