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Training week 4

Weird week weather wise, and this week will be a lot more of the same (looking at you, snow predicted for Wednesday). I’m also already planning on a missed run if I need to, I have my second vaccine shot this weekend and if it puts me down for a few days, I’d much rather deal with a missed long run than COVID.

  • Monday: Rest.
  • Tuesday: 6 miles. Tiny loops in the neighborhood.
  • Wednesday: 7 miles. Speedwork at the track, VO2 Max: 2 sets of 2×1200, 1×800
  • Thursday: 4 miles. Tiny loops.
  • Friday: Rest.
  • Saturday: 5 miles. More tiny loops.
  • Sunday: 13 miles. Just a weird run, weather wise (and this week will be strange too). Started off freezing in the 30s, but still a lot of sun, so outside of the shade I warmed up quick. Bit of fog to burn off and then not a cloud in the sky, making it feel a lot warmer than it actually was.
  • Long run fuel: Tailwind, Gu
  • BWF/Core work: Finished up the next mission of Zombies, Run!: Home Front, great to hear Peter again. I’d also like to incorporate a yoga class each week, so I need to try a few online courses I’ve had my eyes on for a while.
  • Stretching: I did my stretching routine after every run!

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